How to Create a Gallery Wall

Family Room Gallery wall idea

How to Create a Gallery Wall... Hey Guys, you're in for a treat today! Our decorating team is back this month and we're talking about gallery walls! Gallery walls are a way to display photos of family, friends, trips  and anything else that you love or collect. There are no rules as far as I'm concerned. If you can hang it on the wall, it's ...

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How to Add a Runner to Stairs

Easy instructions for adding a runner to your stairs

How to add a runner to stairs... While having the basement finished, I decided to work on a project that I have been wanting to do since we moved in here. I had seen several ideas for the project and couldn't wait to start. I found the perfect all weather runners, gathered my supplies and got started. I know I make it sound like I jumped right ...

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Chocolate Recipes for Chocolate Lovers

09 - Gimme Some Oven - Chocolate Peanut BUtter Skillet Cookie

21 Chocolate Recipes for Chocolate Lovers Yes if you love chocolate you will love each and every one of these chocolate decadent recipes gathered from our talented blogger friends: 21 rich and creamy chocolate-y goodness. From cookies to cakes, from donuts to chocolate covered bacon, yes ...

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Inspiration Monday 712 Edition

Boston Butt and BBQ Sauce Recipe

Welcome to Inspiration Monday 712 Edition How are we already halfway through July? Before we know it, those school buses are going to be heading out again and summer will be gone (sniff, sniff). Not to worry, we still have loads of summery fun and inspiration right here at the party every week! So happy you're here to join us.   I Should ...

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How to Prep Walls before Painting

How to repair a wall and paint it

Everyday I walk by this wall and think, I need to repair and paint that! So today, I'll show you how to prep walls before painting them! Plus a giveaway from HomeRight - be sure to enter at the end of the post!I don't know what happened, but I cannot stop looking at it.and just a little to the right of the hole there's this...a long annoying dent! ...

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Garage Organization Ideas

Garage storage with FastTrack

Well it happened and it didn't hurt a bit! We created some vertical storage space in the garage! Here's the Before:   Garage Organization Ideas - Going Vertical After moving last fall, we've been looking for everything. The extension cords, the ladder, the golf discs...well you get it. We have stuff stored in the garage, in the ...

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