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I see my camellia bush everyday, it’s on the right side of my garage.

Today I went out and cut some of the beautiful flowers

and some ivy too.

I gathered some of my white containers.

I played around with different groupings.

Snapped a few photos.

How could I resist, they are so pretty!

I trapped one in a cloche 🙂

I used one of my photos at Chip It!

Have you heard of Chip It! from Sherwin-Williams?

You can load up a picture and it picks paint colors from it!  Amazing, fun and addictive!

Click on the link and check it out!

Here’s what we really wanted to say:

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  1. Your camellias are gorgeous! Love your images! I love have vases of flowers around my home!

    Have a wonderful day!

  2. These are so beautiful!! We live about 15 minutes from Middleton Place Plantation and Gardens. The botanist Andre Michaux brought them to Middleton Place from France. And so began a love affair with this gorgeous flower in the South! They do lovely camellia walks there in the spring. We have not been on them, but I plan to go before we move! Yours are just gorgeous and your photos are beautiful. I love the pop of color against the white.

  3. Love the colors of Camellias! What a great addition to any space. xo Jenna

  4. Your flowers and photos are gorgeous.

  5. Those are gorgous!! I might have to look into planting some here!!

  6. This makes me feel like spring is just around the corner. I’m heading over to SW right now to try Chip It, looks addictive.

  7. Very pretty! The ‘chip it’ is fantastic! Blessings for a wonderful week!!

  8. Oh, I love the color of your Camellias and excellent job on the pics! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Your camellias are so pretty and so are your white containers. I plan to plant a few bushes of them soon.

  10. Dropping by from the Linky Hop! New Linky follower! Can I get a follow back please? Thanks!



  11. Your camellias are beautiful. That looks like the one called “American Beauty” Mine were pretty last week and thankfully I did get to enjoy them until the cold got the blossoms this weekend.

    Camellia bushes make nice gifts. Mine were given to me by my aunt and every year when it blooms I remember her. I’ve bought lots of nursery plants but the ones that I have been given by another gardener are the most special always.

  12. Your camellias are beautiful! They have such a vibrant color that really pops against the white containers. I love how you trapped one under the cloche.

  13. Your Camelias are stunningly beautiful. I don’t grow these and really should find a place for one in my landscaping.

  14. I absolutely luv the pot of camelias under the wire cloche! Your garden must be gorgeous if these flowers are any indication of the rest of it. 🙂
    ~ Sue

  15. Hi Debbie,
    Beautiful Camellia!
    They are so pretty in the white vases…beautiful colour!
    Have a very Happy Valentine’s Day!
    All the Best,

  16. Happy Valentines Day!! What beautiful flowers, the color is so vibrant.
    Have a wonderful and love-filled day!

  17. I am so envious of your camillias they are stunning. Love the one you trapped in the cloche! Thanks for sharing them, they are just perfect for this dreary winter day.

  18. Beautiful pics! Makes me long for springtime more than ever! And I had never head of Chip It. Absolutely fabulous!!

  19. No, I had never heard of Chip It, but I’m on my way over there right now! Love, love, love those camellias. They look so pretty with the white vases.

  20. Beautiful! I found you on the blog hop and am now following you through Linky 😉 There is a huge link party with 20 co-hosts going on right now at my blog if you want to link up!

  21. Gorgeous Debbie! I love the vibrant color paired up in the white vases, just so pretty!

  22. Newest linky follower…..would you be willing to follow me back? Thx! 🙂

  23. How pretty! What a great color!

  24. I so enjoyed seeing your beautiful camellias! Thank you!

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