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How to Age Clay Pots

Planting pansies in my aged clay pots, you can age them yourself. Come see how I did it!

Spring has sprung and it’s coming up pansies! Our Celebrations of Home group of bloggers is back the month with ideas for spring! Be sure to see all the spring has sprung ideas at the end of the post! I love the time worn look of clay pots, don’t you? What …

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Valentine Wreath

Valentine Wreath from a sweater

All the well dressed Valentine Wreaths are wearing them. When thrift shopping, never underestimate a winter white cable knit sweater. All you need is a sharp pair of scissors, cut the sleeves off.  Then cut them in half. Use floral pins and wrap a straw wreath with the sleeves. Add …

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Fresh Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are my favorite flower. Right now my plants look like this: Pretty sad isn’t it?  Well it’s December and they really put on a show this year. These beautiful jumbo antique green hydrangeas are from Flower Muse. They came in a box, totally protected and breath taking. The tips …

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Flower Power

One of the easiest, least expensive ways to freshen any space is with flowers. From the grocery store, from your yard or your neighbors yard (not really-unless you ask) Bring fresh flowers in to your space and see what happens! Who doesn’t love fresh flowers! Not only are they beautiful, …

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Mason Jars

Free ones, yes that right! If you make spaghetti the homemade way that I do 🙂 You can buy the Classico sauce, get a free mason jar~and a home cooked meal. And when you bring those grocery store flowers home, you’ve got a sweet little countryfied place to put them. …

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