Chair Makeover

Chair Makeover

Chair Makeover Chairs are not the easiest to paint.  But they look so good when they're finished! Once you've worked up the courage to tackle those spindles, be sure to clean your chair. I use Murphy's Oil Soap mixed in warm water. No matter what color I'm painting a piece of furniture, I always paint it with 2 coats of paint.  It gives ...

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Faux Bamboo Furniture

Faux Bamboo Furniture - Painted

Faux Bamboo Furniture There was a set of lovely dated pieces of furniture just waiting for the right person. A desk, two night stands and a dresser , they just sat there.  I walked around the house looking at everything else, trying to forget about these pieces.  Sure they were clean and in great shape but they were so different from anything else ...

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Repair and Paint a Vanity


 Repair and paint a Vanity This vanity makeover included a little more than paint.  I'll be showing you what I did. She had a few casters missing.  I ordered these from House of Antique Hardware.  I replaced all of them, so they would match. and  she was used as a chew toy... Both of the corners must have been very tasty :)  I ...

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Top DIY Projects of 2013

top diy

2013 was filled with so many lessons, experiences and makeovers! Here are some of our favorite projects of 2013 Guest room  A free sideboard!  A ceramic stool stool that resulted in a back porch makeover.  Oak Sofa Table makeover with Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint.   China Hutch Makeover Cheers to a New Year and another chance ...

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Kid’s Table and Chairs {refreshed}

Table and Chair before and after

I'm always talking about dressers and chests, today I'm sharing a cute little kid's table and chair set. The sweet owner of this little set had just moved to town. Mom and Dad had an idea to make over her favorite piece of furniture. To make her feel a little more at home in this strange new place. A special area just for her. This is ...

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Guest Room Makeover

collectedguest room

It's done.  The guest room is now available.  Come on down! I had this idea that I blogged about here. I was totally prepared, to build a headboard and then I spotted one on FB.  I bought it site unseen.  It was rough and a little dirty. I bought it, cleaned it, painted it (dry brushed) and I sealed it. I gathered all my art. The pieces ...

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Refreshed Console {the power of paint}


We all have those pieces of furniture.  The ones that fit just right where they are.  Like they were made for that spot. This piece fits just right in a small hall/entry way.  You walk in the front door and it's the first thing you see.  The floors are a beautiful dark wood and the walls are the original pickled bead-board.  Nothing in this room ...

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Small Buffet Makeover-with Paint

Chloe before and after

Refresh a Buffet Sideboard with Paint and Stain Let me show you how to wake up a tired, worn and dirty buffet. I have a theory. If it's all wood, you can save it!  Small Buffet Makeover with Paint So when I saw this piece, I knew that it would be ok.  I wish you could see the top better (cell phone pic) it was scratched like ...

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Chevron, Yellow and Gray Desk Refresh

Desk and Chair make over

Three of my favorite things: chevron, yellow and gray. I'm rarely trendy.  But every now and then a trend comes along and I love it! That would be chevron, still love it, don't know if it's still trendy. Is it? Another thing I love is yellow. When I start working on a makeover, I just jump in.  Never giving it much thought until it comes ...

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Dry-brush Paint Technique


This chair has lived a hard life.  She's been stuck in the basement for a year or so.  And it's really not a basement, it's kinda under the house.  Our back yard is slanted toward the lake and we have a garage door that opens to a damp, dark, crowded storage area.  Sounds perfect for a lonely chair to hang out, doesn't it!? I decided, actually ...

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How to Add Interest to A Painted Piece

Blue and white with red hardware

How to Add Interest to A Painted Piece of Furniture: You can paint every piece of furniture that you come across and it will look great.  You can crack open a can of white paint wait for it to dry and distress it a little and call it a day.  It will sell and the new owner will be thrilled. But if you really want to turn heads and make her ...

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