How to Transform a Tile Wall

Cover a tiled wall.

It's hard to believe that we rented a building in mid-March and opened the store Nostalgia on April 5th.  Especially when I look back at the before pictures.  Many, many years ago this was a beautiful grocery store, and then it was remodeled several times.   We don't have anything against tile, but it just didn't represent the homey atmosphere … [Read more...]

How to Make a Bench

Bench made from a headboard and end table

The refreshed bench is finally in the house. It's a long story and it goes like this, Justin called and said he was coming home for the weekend.  He loves to work on projects with us.  He wanted to know if we had something in the works. As a matter of fact we do.  From the very first time that I saw this $19 headboard. I knew what I … [Read more...]

Mantel Extension


Just in time for Christmas decorating!   While I was taking down my fall mantel decor, I remembered that we enlarged our mantel a few years ago and wanted to share what we did. We added three inches to each side and the front by cutting a 2"x 8" piece of lumber to fit over our existing mantel.  I would have gone a little larger, but we … [Read more...]

Create Candle holders from a Porch Post


While I was visiting Tennessee last month, I kept looking at something in the trash.  Thinking I could recycle it somehow. It's a porch post, with a rotted bottom. I used my Mr H's miter saw, to cut them in to manageable  pieces to bring back to Georgia. I had some great helpers! I glued some candle holders to the top and added a … [Read more...]

End table to Night table…


I had just finished my modern farm table, and was talking to the best daughter in the world.  What can I build next?  She says, you can build me a bedside table!  My mind went to that place where it goes, and I said that's a good idea!  I had just made a run to one of the best little bargain stores in town, also known as Goodwill.  I bought this … [Read more...]

Modern Farm Table

Modern Farm Table

I have been waiting for Manboy to get home from college.  My birthday was in early December and for my gift, he said that we would work on a project together!  Woohoo, I could not wait.  Ana White has a website (, and it's a woodworkers paradise!  I searched the site for several weeks, anticipating his arrival so that we could … [Read more...]

What a wonderful Christmas!

We woke without an alarm!  Had coffee, and the Man of the house helped me prepare breakfast, Manboy joined us at 9:30 a.m.  We enjoyed our breakfast casserole, bacon, biscuits and gravy...they had gravy (not one of my favs!).  Then it was time to open gifts!   I was the most surprised, I got a Kreg jig...and you know what that means.  We got busy … [Read more...]