Grain Sack Pillow


There's a little store in Dadeville Al that I like to visit. Old Bank Antiques While I was there in November '11, I found a couple of grain sacks*. When I asked my baby girl what she wanted for Christmas, she said, Just Make Me Something! I washed and dried one of the old sacks. and I cut it in half. I stuffed in a couple of ...

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How to Make a Pillow From a T-Shirt and Placemat


How to Make a Pillow from a T-shirt and a Placemat (Murphy is such a great model!) She loves working at reFresh!  Hey this is nothing new, Yes, it's been done before. Making pillow covers out these unusual items has been around forever, basically pillow covers can be made of anything. Here's a couple bargain one's that I made this week, ...

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Feed Sacks


They're not just for animals! I've seen several versions of feed sacks made into totes. Of course, I had to try one. I meet a lady at Lake Martin this week and she gave me some of her feed sacks, she reuses them for garbage bags.  That's a great idea too! I used my really old Singer sewing machine, it only does a straight stitch...wish it did ...

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Auction's for Alabama @ Restore Interiors-ends June 1st!! As Murphy discussed on Monday, well she did, I have been working on some curtains.  When am I ever going to learn to just buy stuff!  Never, I'm sure.  I broke two needles and I think my feeds need some kind of adjustment!  I started out with my new machine, finished with my old ...

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I want to be like her, when I grow up!


My mama is such an inspiration in my life.  I've watched her overcome many hardships, no matter the outcome, she taught me to push forward with everything in life.  I remember she always said, "Can't never could"!  I think about that anytime I start a project.  If you never try because your scared to fail, you end up never learning or becoming ...

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Drop Cloth – The other Fabric of Choice!


It has great strength, great texture, great price in fact I have only great opinions of well, you guessed it a painters drop cloth! You can buy them at dollar stores, Wal*Mart, hardware stores...just about anywhere. Throw them in the washing machine, bleach them if you like, dry them with a little bounce and you've great a sweet smelling, soft, ...

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For the love of Burlap!

Roll of Fresh Burlap!

I have an addiction to a few things, one of them being burlap!  Potato sacks, transporter of coffee beans, or just from a roll; there's something about the rough texture that draws me to it!  I bought a white bedskirt from Wal*mart, knowing that I would eventually replace it, this is where burlap takes a bow!  I measured the three sides, cut my ...

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Create a Slipcover for Your Ottoman


Create a Slipcover for Your Ottoman If you have an old ottoman, you can give it a new life with new attitude!  By recovering it with a great fabric and adding pom pom ball fringe!  One of my all time favorite fringes!  I covered an old blue ottoman with black and white checked fabric, yes I do love black and white!  Choose your fabric, place ...

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Donate or Recycle?

Bag in purse.

I was going through my closet dreaming of smaller days.  When I noticed this houndstooth skirt, I do love black and white!  I put it in the pile of the things to take to Goodwill.  I kept picking it up and thinking, I just love this print!  I know an Alabama fan that needs something made out of this.  If you have an article of clothing that you ...

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Pillow covers from a tablecloth!

Finished pillow covers.

I decided to make another post today, since the first one only consisted of putting a picture in a frame.  Before Christmas, on one of my few many trips to TJ Maxx, I found this beautiful tablecloth.  I had so many ideas for what I could do with it and not use it as a tablecloth.  I thought about curtains (for the room that I just painted), a ...

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