Dry-brush Paint Technique


This chair has lived a hard life.  She's been stuck in the basement for a year or so.  And it's really not a basement, it's kinda under the house.  Our back yard is slanted toward the lake and we have a garage door that opens to a damp, dark, crowded storage area.  Sounds perfect for a lonely chair to hang out, doesn't it!? I decided, actually … [Read more...]

Mini Garden

I love my grandsons

They are everywhere. Cute fairy gardens. I have grandsons, keeping them in mind (they call me YaYa) I am using one of the How to Slay a Dragon characters.I lined the aluminum pan with the rocks and added the Miracle-Gro Cactus soil.Remove the succulents and place in the soil.After the plants were placed I added sand to create a … [Read more...]