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How to Make a Burlap Wreath {Spring}

How to Make a Burlap Wreath  –  Fun and Easy Spring IdeaBurlap Noodle Wreath

Creating seasonal wreaths can get expensive.  The total cost for my burlap spring wreath was under $7.  Last summer I made sure to buy an extra pool noodle for $1, planning ahead for my spring wreath.  I bought a roll of burlap ribbon from Hobby Lobby when it was 50% off and one package of eggs with raffia from the $1 area at Target.  The flowers and green burlap were from previous projects.  I already had the tape and glue gun. Add all that up and it’s in my budget, $7!

ingredients for spring wreath

I used duct tape to create the circle wreath.

wrapping the burlap around the pool noodle

I used tape to hold the burlap and started wrapping.  If you overlap the ribbon about half way over itself, you won’t be able to see the pool noodle underneath.  I kept wrapping until I ran out of ribbon.  This was totally unplanned, but I went with it.  I cut 2 strips from some green burlap that I have in my tiny stash of fabric.  I used a florist pin to connect the burlap. And I continued my wrapping pattern.

burlap wrapped wreath

The wreath is completely wrapped.  I separated the small pink flowers and used hot glue and florist pins to position the flowers and raffia to create the design that I was going for.

flower and nest

The green burlap created a perfect background, running out of the burlap ribbon was a Happy Accident!

flowers on spring burlap wreath

I used 3 eggs, 3 flowers and positioned the pink flowers on both sides of the nest.


I created the top bow with more pieces of the green burlap.

burlap wreath

spring wreath

spring burlap wreath

What’s on your door for spring?

See last years door, I used real flowers .


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  1. So sweet. The spring color and simple design is just what I need!

  2. Love it! Makes me more ready for some warm spring days!

  3. I still have my ice skates/Christmas wreath up. I better get on the move.


  4. I love the little eggs that is a cute touch. I have been wanting to decorate for Spring here but it is snowing and I don’t think I can mix the two at the moment. Hopefully soon! I do like your wreath for when Spring does arrive up here.

  5. Ohhhh. cute! you know I love it. And I saw it on instagram first. LOL :))))

  6. Debbie, your wreath is precious. Love how you used the green burlap for the bow. About my spring wreath, there isn’t one yet. I’m still searching for a gate decoration.

  7. Debbie, your wreath is precious. Love how you used the green burlap for the bow. About my spring wreath, there isn’t one yet. I’m still searching for a gate decoration.

  8. I love it, Debbie! The splashes of flowers and the nest are beautiful … it puts me even MORE in the mood for Spring!

  9. I’m all kinds of obsessed with burlap…so this will have to go on my to do list!!!! (Can’t beat that price either!!!)

  10. Cute! My front door is bare at the moment — gah!
    xo Heidi

  11. No lie – I was just thinking about my spring porch and told myself that I wanted to do a spring version of the wreath Debbie did for winter (I even started a list of what I need) and here you go and come up with yet another one. I can’t keep up with you. Love it – and the shade of green you used.

  12. So cute Debbie -love the speckled eggs!

  13. It’s the day of the wreaths Debbie…with burlap. Oh I just love how you use your noodle. Of course I pinned this pup!

  14. Pretty, Debbie! And you’re so right… The green burlap at the bottom is perfect! Don’t you love it when “accidents” are the perfect thing? 🙂

  15. This wreath is perfect – I love the wrapped burlap, it’s rustic but girly!

  16. I was wondering what brand/color paint you used in your living area?

  17. PRECIOUS wreath! I love it!

  18. Debbie…
    This wreath looks so cute dressed for Spring.

  19. Shhhh…don’t tell but I do not have anything on my door yet! This little wreath is precious Debbie! Thanks for the inspration! Bonnie 🙂

  20. Debbie this wreath is beautiful! It caught our eye today because we posted a wreath using burlap! We loved it so much that we made it our pin of the Day on Pinterest and you are being featured on our Facebook wall. Thanks for giving us some Spring inspiration today!!

    Your friends over at Bowdabra.

  21. Oh I just love how that turned out- so perfect for spring.

  22. Love this! Burlap is so hot right now. I am getting ready to make a burlap table runner for my Easter Tablescape. Love your wreath 🙂

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