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I have a confession to make.

I love drink dispensers.

This one is not my fault…how could I not get this.  It’s so cute and it looks a lot like one from Pottery Barn a few years back.  I got it at Wal-Mart.

I had to have it and this too:

They were sitting beside each other, and there one no way I could leave without both.

Am I the only one?

Could you resist?

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  1. who’d have thought they’d have these cutie pattooties at walmart? I think the way you have them staged make them extra enticing! yum!

  2. Love this post and your pictures are awesome! Featuring you at this Meet Me Monday. Getting the party started in about ten minutes! Love, Me http://www.youaretalkingtoomuch.com

  3. WalMart?! No way!! Uh, I know what I’m grabbing when I’m there this weekend 🙂 Thanks for linking up!

  4. These were at Walmart?!?! I hope the door doesn’t hit me in the back of the head as I fly off to Walmart!!

  5. I would have taken them home with me too. In fact, I’m gong to have to see what I can do about aht on my next Walmart trip. 😉

    Sharon @ mrs. hines class

  6. Pier One has the most fantastic clear glass drink dispenser, but I HAVE been resisting it. The price isn’t even bad at all, but since I’m decluttering this year and it’s kind of large, I’m not sure I want to store it. But I do love it! Have a great week.

  7. Thanks for turning me on to these. Ran out and picked up two buckets today and one of the caddies for a graduation party in May. The buckets will be perfect for lemonade and water. Started to buy the turquoise and red ones, too, but didn’t. I may when I go back for my script tomorrow, they were pretty, too. Then I could have the white ones for tea and lemonade, the turquoise could be for water, the red for wine. Guess I better get out there early tomorrow before they are all gone, only a couple left. Thanks again.

  8. I have the Pottery Barn one, it was a gift. Look alike except for spout!

  9. I know I could find a use for these cuties ! Bet a lot of women will be picking these up at Walmart when they see these ! They just seem to scream take me home ! Have a good day !

  10. Oh, those are SO cute. I have resisted a drink dispenser because I don’t know where to STORE it. But you’re making it increasingly difficult 😉

  11. Absolutely not! I think I see a Walmart trip coming up this weekend!

  12. Funny you should ask. I don’t think I WILL be able to resist. I love both pieces — but the divided tote is “calling my name” for garden tools!!! Can you tell me what department you found these in at Walmart? I just looked on-line, and couldn’t find them. Thanks!!! Have a great day. ~Sally

  13. These are great Debbie! I have not seen them at our WM yet.

  14. Those are super cute! I can see those morphing from one holiday/event to the next. Perfect choice in white. I can only imagine how cute you are goign to style that little cubby/basket piece!

  15. Those are so stinkin cute I know I wouldn’t of been able to resist them either. I have found though, sometimes the spicket leaks, even on the PB ones. I might have to go check out my WM as well.

  16. Could I resist? Not in a million years….in fact I am going to go see if I can find them at my Walmart now!!! LOL…So cute!

  17. Hi Debbie,
    Oh yes…I would have brought them home too! For sure! I wonder if ours has them?
    They would both be perfect down on the dock for refreshments…
    They white is so crisp and clean.
    Have a great day today!
    All the Best,

  18. Great finds! Think they would come home with me too!!

  19. Love that drink dispenser! I love using one in the summer when we have parties! Cute container too, you can do so much with that.

  20. Love the plug in at the top of your post. I’m SOOOO ready to go to WP. I’m still waiting on my blog designer. I love your Walmart finds. :o) Makes me want to head over there and do a little shopping! And no…I definitely could not have resisted.

  21. I would pick these up in a heartbeat! I’m all about the basic white pieces for partys because it’s a perfect color to use for any occasion. Just think of all the ways to decorate that beverage dispenser!

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