Perfect is…

taking something new and making it look old

and buying books for $1 and ripping the covers off.

Using a big wine bottle, wrapping raffia around it to make it appear more antique-ish.

Buying something for almost nothing and loving it.

Perfect is embracing that awful stain, and loving the table even more!

or getting the dog that no one wanted and she’s the best we’ve ever had.

Perfect is buying creepy stuff, just so I can spray paint it :)

imperfect trash can look good.

I ‘ve heard that these two aren’t always perfect either!

 I’m always getting funny pictures from my daughter, that I can’t show on here!

All of this is Perfect to Me!

Don’t let being perfect make you crazy!

Embrace imperfection, I do!

It’s keeps me smiling!

Do you have imperfect things that you embrace?

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  1. says

    Fabulous! There is no perfection out there anyway so we might as well embrace our individuality and rejoice in it. We weren’t born to be carbon copies of each other.

    (and I’ve had a couple of those animals that nobody wanted, too. I agree, they are the best pets ever!!)


  2. Rondell says

    I love the owl, I’ve been known to do that too:) In fact I have a rooster knickknack that needs a coat of white paint!
    I’m now following you on Linky Follower, hope you will vist too!
    Visiting from the Nester’s!

  3. says

    The sweet pic of your “imperfect” doggie is the one that stuck out the most to me! We rescued a Pomeranian from the SPCA a couple of years ago. She passed away from old age last summer, but I have to agree with you—she was one of the most devoted, loving dogs. Imperfect rocks!! :) Visiting from Nesting Place today!

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