A Nest for All Seasons


One simple natural element, oh the possibilities! The idea started with a magazine copy cat challenge. More about that at the end. Spring And I thought, why stop there. I wanted to show how you can reuse the nest for each season. Summer By combining the starfish, nest and white dishes, you have a summer look. Same place card (a ...

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When You Need an Idea


Reach for a magazine.  Debbie from Debbiedoo's Blogging and Blabbing is hosting a copy cat party.  I never want to miss a good party.  Here's what I did: From the magazine Celebrate by Phyllis Hoffman A tablescape for Thanksgiving.  I know it's early, but I had the stuff, what can I say! When I look through magazines, I'm always looking for ...

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Sharing: Bachman’s Summer Idea House


Carla from Hammers and High Heels has a post full of ideas, and I begged inquired about sharing it with you and she said  "Yes"!  So here are just a few photos from her post and I will put a link at the end so you can go see the rest!  To be honest with you I can't stop looking at these rooms, there are so many ideas that I'd like to steal try and ...

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Blue Monday with Murphy


Blue in a good way, look what we found at House Beautiful! (Go check them out!) You can find all kinds of reasons for painting your porch ceiling blue. From the expanding the sky theory, to warding off evils spirits theory, or the to deter pesky insects theory...no matter which one your using, I say the it's a beautiful idea theory! Go with ...

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I’ll be in the kitchen!


I've been working on the kitchen, and I'm not finished! I thought if I post this in stages,it won't get too long! It  seems like I'm changing every area of the kitchen and dining area, what was I thinking?? Turns out to be a lot of work!  I just wanted to show a couple of the areas. Before at the garage ...

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The goings on around here!

Hazy Skies OC-48

I'm so excited, I will be doing a guest appearance (cyber style) over at RE-STORE INTERIORS! That will be happening Sunday night! Whoot~whoot. I hope you'll visit her blog and tour around a little to see what Kelli can do with paint and furniture! You're going to love it! And I'm having a Girls' Weekend! road trip this weekend, I can't wait to ...

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