Instagram Week {refreshing}


Last week and the weekend was great.  I finished some projects, did some instagram shopping.  That's when I take pictures instead of making purchases :)  It's a lot like window shopping, with one great advantage.  I can share it instantly with you.  Actually, I did buy a few things: See the little aqua guitar in my photo up there, well I ...

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The Suit Cases


I noticed that Ann from On Sutton Place had a new sponsor. So being nosy like I am, I made a visit! to The Cozy Corner I found a little something that I'd been looking for!  The shipment came quickly.  They were in huge box, I mean so big that I couldn't even get it in my car at the Post Office. So I stood in the parking lot and took them ...

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A Nest for All Seasons


One simple natural element, oh the possibilities! The idea started with a magazine copy cat challenge. More about that at the end. Spring And I thought, why stop there. I wanted to show how you can reuse the nest for each season. Summer By combining the starfish, nest and white dishes, you have a summer look. Same place card (a ...

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Fiddle Leaf Fig


Sometimes you see something (from Pinterest) and you must have it. (Photo from Pinterest) The Fiddle Leaf Fig tree had to be mine! (Photo from Pinterest) So I asked on Facebook if anyone knew where I could find one, and I heard crickets.  I searched on the internet and it said they can be very expensive for large trees.  Ok, how much is ...

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Pottery Barn, Salsa, Goodwill,


(Debbie at Debbie's Blogging and Blabbing is having another copy cat party, click over and join her site, so you'll know when the party starts.) Update: Debbie Crowed about this! Sunflowers, Tiles, Cloches this list is long. Getting the new Pottery Barn catalog made me dance my way back from the mailbox. I could live in every page but one ...

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Meet villabarnes:


There are a lot of things that I love about blogging, one of those is meeting others who love to refresh things, just like I do!  Rosemary is the talent behind villabarnes and her tag line is:  Join me as I hunt, gather and redesign.  She has so many great ideas and I want to share a few with you.  I hope you'll go over to her blog and see the ...

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