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Blue Monday with Murphy

Blue in a good way, look what we found at House Beautiful! (Go check them out!) You can find all kinds of reasons for painting your porch ceiling blue. From the expanding the sky theory, to warding off evils spirits theory, or the to deter pesky insects theory…no matter which …

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Monday with Murphy: Advice

Auction’s for Alabama @ Restore Interiors-ends June 1st!! Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Refresh Yourself! Cruising the web, I found this at another lovely blog (House of Fifty) and I think she got it from (Flipflops & Pearls) and she got it…well you can check them out and nose around!  Have …

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Monday With Murphy: Curtains

Hi it’s me (Murphy) again!  Things went well for my debut,  looks like Monday With Murphy is a go!   While Refresh is making her curtains, I came up with some thoughts of my own:   Simple panels, but they really make a statement…with all the patterns, looks great because …

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Monday with Murphy

(We know it’s not Monday, we just wanted to do a test run through the weekend :)) Murphy I’ve watched Refresh type  away on the computer for long enough.  It’s time for her to scrub the toilets, make the beds and cut the grass, the way she used too!  So, …

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