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Patio Refresh with HomeRight Finish Max Pro

It’s time to think about freshening up your outdoor spaces.

Patio Refresh


Aqua and Green patio refresh


Spray paint large candle holders for a beautiful aqua statementWe started from scratch on our patio. When we sold our last house, they wanted to keep our patio furniture and more. To be honest, I was ready for new stuff. After all, the last stuff was about 10 years old!

You know how cheap I am, I didn’t want to buy accessories, so I decided to gather these tall candle sticks and give them a little update. All of these came from Goodwill.

I’m going with a green and aqua color scheme, I know you’re surprised 😉

Before candlesticks - from thrift store
Before candlesticks – from thrift store

Can you tell we got a new ceiling fan too 😉

During Candlesticks makeover with HomeRight Finish Max Pro I used the HomeRight C800850 Max Pro Sprayer, Fine Finish, this is my amazon affiliate link.

You will love the finer spray of paint and professional  finish of the Finish Max Pro. It’s ideal for any project. There’s a  two way spray pattern setting on the spray gun for horizontal and vertical spraying. It’s lightweight and comes with a 15-foot locking hose. Plus the Finish Max Pro comes with an extra paint or stain container and a lid.

Finish Max Pro Fine Finish Sprayer
HomeRight Finish Max Pro – makes painting any project quick and easy!

This is the paint that I used, I ordered it a while back. I just could not resist this color!

General Finishes Patina Green
Order from my Amazon link here: General Finishes Patina Green Milk Paint Qt

Center piece of tall aqua candle sticks

As you can see, I’m just getting started! But it’s a pretty colorful start!Spray paint large candle holders to create a beautiful aqua statement. Patio refreshes with tall aqua candlesticks


  1. Oh my, what an awesome revamp! Love the color 🙂

  2. Just found your blog and love it. If I’m not too late to the party, I would love this sprayer! I seem to have become obsessed with painting. First thing would be to copy your candlesticks!!

  3. I want to paint everything!! Anything that doesn’t move is fair game for painting! The barn, the shed, wicker furniture, a couple shelving units in the backyard, a couple of chairs that go around the fire pit, and, and, and!!!

  4. I have a home full of furniture I’d love to paint….have been wanting to paint it all for couple years at least. My fingers are crossed. 🙂

  5. Toni Marie Caravello

    I would love to spray paint my dining table and chairs and my bedroom furniture.

  6. i have a list of things i need to spray paint. first thing is my outdoor planters. have had them for several years and color has faded. love the color of the candlesticks; so refreshing!

  7. Wow, love the color and the candlestick grouping is so full of impact!

  8. My neighbors gifted us with a 80s Fabulous entertainment center, complete with smoked glass doors. Still not sure what to do about the glass, but paint could at least bring the rest into the 21st century.

  9. I would like to spray paint cabinets, wood fencing, outdoor furniture, indoor furniture, glass and anything else that isn’t nailed down.

  10. I’d like to spray paint my wicker a bright color – maybe yellow to go with my grey house!

  11. Leigh Anne Borders

    I would love to spray paint some outdoor furniture and a dresser. This looks like such a great tool to get that done with!

  12. 3 wicker seats that need to repainted white

  13. I want to spray paint my patio furniture.

  14. I have a wicker table and chairs that I have been putting off painting. This would make it SO much easier!

  15. We have an old set of barstools that this would be perfect for.

  16. I love your website! I just happened upon it and love those candlesticks. The color is gorgeous. I also have some of that brand of chalkpaint but I need a sprayer. I’m so tired of painting with a brush and seeing brush strokes. So, thanks for sharing this. I hope i win…

    Thanks again for sharing!
    Mary T

  17. We just had a fence built last year and I would love to paint it and make our neighbors & selves happy! I also want to paint an old iron table on our screen porch to bring in an accent color. Thanks!

  18. I want to spray paint my patio furniture – and now some candlesticks to match yours!

  19. I need to spray paint my daughters bed and room in frozen theme so it will be handy

  20. I have some lattice fence to paint. This would make it soo much easier!

  21. I would spray paint some furniture and things for my future classroom!


  23. this would solve the problem of sore fingers from using a spray can and having to use only their choice of colors.

  24. I would love to use this to paint a wooden bench we have on the patio that needs some upgrading.

  25. I’d actually like to repaint the inside of my travel trailer. It has ugly 1990s wallpaper in it even though it’s nowhere near that old. I think painted walls would look much nicer 🙂

  26. Debbie

    I love, love, love your thrift store candlesticks! You did a great job and the color of course is perfect. Pinning!

  27. I would love to try a paint sprayer. I paint something nearly everyday. My husband claims he is afraid to get too still for fear I may paint him. HaHa

  28. Ugh.
    Could you have picked a cuter color!?!? hahaha
    Love it!!
    And that set looks comfy and perfect for relaxing.
    I’ll be right over 😉

  29. Love it! Your patio looks great Debbie. We are getting our house ready for sale and the HomeRight Pro paint sprayer would be a great help.

  30. I want to paint my long wooden gate beside my house.

  31. i love your pops of fun color. can’t wait to see on the patio with you!

  32. I have brown wicker furniture in my sun rom. I want to spray paint it white but it would be a huge job to use cans of paint. The Home Right sprayer is the perfect piece of equipment. Your patio looks great.

  33. I would love to refresh all of my porch furniture and some accessories!

  34. Hi Debbie, Your patio looks wonderful and I love the pop of color. I would love the sprayer to paint our kitchen cabinets.

  35. I want to paint my patio furniture!

  36. Beautiful job Debbie! They are totally transformed and add a beautiful pop color! I love the color you chose!

  37. There is a joke at my house: Don’t stand still too long or you will get painted! I LOVE to freshen things up and change their look and/or purpose with a good coat of paint!! This sprayer would be on such a BIG help for my many projects! Thank you for the chance to enter

  38. I have a set of wicker furniture that needs an update and winning this would make it so much easier!

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