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I am a paint brush, frying pan, nail gun hailing woman, a grandma, a wife, a sister, a daughter. I have been known to paint over precious woods and laminate surfaces without even a thought of what I might ruin. I am disorganized and I have a short attention span.  I even look at new things and wonder what I can make out of them.

I use my kitchen counters or my dining room table to disassemble and paint my projects.  I use whatever’s around to prop and raise up the object that I’m refreshing. I give little attention to what might happen if I spill paint or nail through a table…until it happens.

When someone’s talking to me, I’m multi-tasking. I’m thinking about my next project or what I need from the hardware store and they don’t even realize it. I have fifty lists around me at all times and I can never find the one I need.

I ask my husband the same question over and over last night and I didn’t even realize it.

There are unfinished projects in 90% of my home and I like it.  I wake up every day with purpose and a plan… I must finish at least one project today!

I love sharing what I know and what I learn, what I’m using and what works well for me. I’ve ruined enough stuff to be an expert on what not to do. 

I’m on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Stumble, Pinterest, I want you to follow me.  Go ahead and sign up if you want to save money and keep your decor updated or just learn a power tool trick or two?

Contact Information:

Email: refreshrestyle@gmail.com

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From Refresh Restyle
Refresh Restyle
Meet Debbie!
Debbie Westbrooks
Founder of Refresh Restyle
Fun, messy, and lover of all things DIY. Let's connect on Facebook and Pinterest!
Refresh Restyle
Meet Debbie!
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I'm Debbie, the founder of Refresh Restyle and lover of all things DIY. Let's connect on Facebook and Pinterest!
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