Designer Insights – Terrys Blinds


Recently Tudor Davies of Terry's Blinds, asked me to be a part of their design blog and featured Refresh Restyle in their designer insights section.Most of my design projects are focused on reusing what I already have, but I am inspired by current trends.  With a little paint and fabric, I think I can keep my decor current by … [Read more...]

Natural Citrus Cleaner

Natural Orange Cleaner

Don't you love cleaning with vinegar? How about the smell? Yes, exactly! Today I'm sharing a recipe for aNatural Citrus Cleaner!Add the peel from an orange, lime or grapefruit to a jar. Pour in 3 cups of white vinegar. Seal and store for 2 weeks. Strain and pour 1 cup of the vinegar mixture in  a spray bottle. Finishing filling … [Read more...]

Monogrammed Chalkboard – DIY

monogrammed chalkboard

Oh my word would you look at that, Monograms!It's not just me though, four of my friends are sharing their monogram ideas too! In fact over the next few months we're sharing some our favorite Southern Designs! Here's my Monogrammed Chalkboard:You can personalize it to fit your space, by choosing any paint color and hardware. Here's what … [Read more...]

Easter Recipes and Crafts

Easter Recipes and Crafts

Easter Recipes and Crafts Are you ready for Easter?  I am!I filled my Dollar Tree gold cloche with eggs andput some in a nest.  And called it done.We will be traveling to Alabama for Easter. We're having picnic foods, a fish fry, egg hunt, we may even play in the water and there will be a lot of catching up with the family. We've … [Read more...]

How to Replace Old Felt in a Silverware Drawer

How to Update Felt Drawer

How to Replace Old Felt in a Silverware Drawer or any drawer with felt... These old buffets don't show up around here very often.  And rarely in great shape.  I'm kind of going backwards in my post about this one.  I have never actually shown you the before.  I just wanted to share a couple photos of the after,  so you'll know how to take care of … [Read more...]

Fighting Pollen & Gearing Up For Spring

Spring Cleaning

Gearing Up for Spring!Spring comes with a double edged sword. Warmer days and pollen.Excessive pollen!Let the spring cleaning begin... The pollen-cast: My sweet husband has terrible allergies.  We've never been able to leave our windows open at night to enjoy cool breezes.When he mows the yard he wears a mask.I dust and vacuum a lot, even … [Read more...]

Book Club Ideas

Book Club

Book Club (aka Read Between the Wines) We're coming up on the last meeting of the year and I wanted to share some ideas that have kept our book club thriving! About four years ago I was a member of our HOA board. I served on the social committee, welcome committee and created our quarterly newsletter (the fun stuff).  Don't ask me how I got … [Read more...]

Refreshing – Peeps


Hello today I'm sharing some fun facts and recipes and for Peeps!Recipes: Cupcake Peeps Easter Candy Bark Easter Peep Pizza Peeps Sunflower CakePeeps were born in 1953, in fact the name of the company is Just Born. There are enough Peeps produced every year to go around the earth twice. The most popular color is yellow.  I'm not sure … [Read more...]

Watercolor – Beach Inspired


Beach Inspired Watercolor I have watercolor on the the brain!  I've seen them everywhere. You know me, I went out and bought a  pallet of watercolors. I tried painting this and that and well it looked nothing like Carmella's! So I did some cheater watercolors and I'm very happy with them.I don't mind if you download and use them for … [Read more...]

Pottery Barn Ceramic Bunny Look for Less

Pottery Barn Ceramic Bunny

Free makeover, the Pottery Barn ceramic bunny look for less! When I get a Pottery Barn catalog in the mail, it's time for a cup of coffee and brainstorming session.  I don't think they ever come up with anything that I don't love, well except the price.I spotted this bunny and knew that I had a container just waiting for some spray … [Read more...]

Refreshing Ideas – Raised Garden

Raised Garden Ideas

Sunshine on my shoulders and thoughts of a raised garden make me feel so good. Sunset A goal of mine for several years has been to create a raised garden.   I have a spot picked out, it gets plenty of sun and would not be an eye-sore in the back yard. Sunset I would go to Lowe's and grab all the supplies. Backyard Gardening Old cardboard … [Read more...] business cards and a giveaway business cards

Recently the girls at NellieBellie refreshed my blog.When you change one thing it leads to another.New blog logo, new project categories, new this, new that...which lead to new business cards!Along comes and my new logo has a place to go! Yes that's right, NEW BUSINESS CARDS! Small business branding makes you … [Read more...]

Beverage Center

Beverage Center

Free up your counters with a designated beverage center. Ok, it's really just a small buffet ;) For the past several years I've painted a lot of furniture. Little to none for myself.  In the process of thrifting, I have found and kept several good pieces. I refer to it as trading up. This piece was in great shape, no repairs needed.There … [Read more...]