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State of the Kitchen

We moved in to a foreclosure that’s been rehabbed.

But still needs our personal touch!

Refreshing Mini Kitchen spruce up with a new faucet.State of the Kitchen

a mini makeover

When we were house hunting last year we had a short list of needs and a few wants. Mostly, we wanted Barry’s commute to work to be quick and easy.

We looked at some really beautiful places, some that needed a little work and some that needed a lot of work. On the last day of the house hunt,we fell in love with the last house that looked at.

This is our 20th house, we moved a lot. Of those 20 homes, this is our 12th purchase. After that many house searches, we realize there are very few perfect homes. There’s always something that we want to refresh. This house is no different. We have a list of things that we want to do, have to do and wish we could do.

The short list for the kitchen:

  • Floors – done
  • Faucet – done (thanks to Moen)
  • Paint Cabinets

Before and After dark stain on the kitchen floors.


I don’t want to bash the house because it has lots of pluses: high, interesting ceilings, none of the walls needed painting, but the floors were very orange. We decided to have them sanded and stained darker before we moved in. I really didn’t want to spend that money, after lots of discussion, we knew that having them done before we moved in would be the best option. I even suggested living with them, but Barry was not having it. I am very thankful that he pushed the envelope on that!

Kitchen with dark floors.

Tumbled marble backspace in kitchen.Dark cabinets and floor.It’s not a huge kitchen and I’m ok with that. It lacks storage, but I can adjust, create storage in other areas. It’s open to the eat in area and gathering room. Perfect for family time, it feels like everyone’s in the kitchen 🙂Add a little jewelry to your kitchen - very refreshing

All of the faucets in the house are original. I knew that replacing the old faucet would revive the sink area. The old one was small and the pull out function had seen better days.

Moen Etch spot resist stainless one-handle high arc pulldown kitchen faucet


Moen Etch spot resist stainless one-handle high arc pulldown kitchen faucet

Moen Etch spot resist stainless one-handle high arc pulldown kitchen faucet

Funny thing was that Barry had just changed out our faucet at our previous home (before we found out that we were moving)! You know I hated to leave that new faucet!

Lucky for me Moen asked me to review the Etch spot resist stainless one-handle high arc pulldown kitchen faucet, I couldn’t say yes fast enough. I love this faucet! It looks great, feels great, works great! Thanks Moen!

It feels great to have 2 big items checked off the “to do” list.

State of the Kitchen - Kona stain on kitchen floors.

I’ve been gathering ideas for the cabinets, all of the inspirational photos are from Houzz.com.

Painting the kitchen cabinets - ideas for a lighter kitchenOf course I’m trying to come up with ideas that don’t include new countertops and backsplash!

Ideas for painting Kitchen cabinets with dark floorI’m even tossing around the idea of gray for the lower cabinets and an off-white for the uppers. For now, this is the

State of the Kitchen 😉

But first, I need to finish unpacking!

Source List:

Faucet compliments of: Moen Facebook, Twitter, G+ , Instagram, Youtube, Houzz

Sink Accessories compliments of: Moen

Floor Stain Color:  Kona

Wall Color: Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige

Here’s a fun picture from Haven last year. My friend Laura and I were dishing it up in the Moen Kitchen!

Moen Kitchen at Haven with Laura from Top This Top That!

How to Paint Your Cabinets click here: The Kim Six Fix

Here’s my tiny laundry room in the rehabbed house:

Laundry Room Makeover 4 Cube storage Better Homes and Gardens

I’ll be sharing a house tour soon!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. You have very good taste and skills, I’m sure your cabinetswill be beautiful no matter what you choose to do! They have excellent bones. Awesome faucet too!

  2. this is NOT a small kitchen and it’s not lacking in storage. maybe not what you are used to, but I would kill for that space and all those cabinets

  3. Your cabinets are beautiful. Painted cabinets are nice if you have cabinets in poor condition-but that’s not yours. Please think about something simpler than painting them completely. I think they would look fantastic left the same color, but just dry brush highlights to emphasize the beautiful detail they have. Either dark or light glaze, your choice,would work great with your counters that are also beautiful. I would paint the walls a color other than white or beige to bring life into your room. Just those minor changes would make it feel like a brand new room. By the way, where did you get that cow picture? I love it!

  4. It is Gorgeous. Love it as is But also Love the idea of Grey ond White . Or What Looks Great is a Grey Wash over the wood . Just Beautiful!!

  5. Love the kitchen!! I can’t wait until we get started on our renovation!

  6. I love your kitchen. And I most definitely love that Cow canvas:) too cute!

  7. It’s just gorgeous! Love the floors especially!

  8. You have great bones in that kitchen….looking forward to seeing what you decide to do….I have cherry cabinetry that I would love to paint…however, they were quite pricey and that is not happening unfortunately unless it is over a dead body….so I think that I shall take my hubby over the kitchen cabinetry!….
    Love that pic of you and Laura…I so remember when you two did that!!

  9. Your kitchen is fabulous my friend but I can totally pictured the cabinets painted in a cream color. It will make the space look even larger. Can not wait to see what you decide!

  10. We are in the process of updating our kitchen so I look forward to seeing your changes. I love your range hood !

  11. oh i love your kitchen- it has great bones and layout, and that hood! can’t wait to see you make it yours.

  12. I don’t know how you could go wrong with anything you do to the cabinets, even leaving them as are. It’s all beautiful, but painting would sure make a change. I’m also interested to talk to you about the floor refinishing. I’ve got some that we “discuss” redoing, but things like dog hair on dark wood concern me.

  13. I love your darker floors and I know that no matter which color(s) you choose, painted kitchen cabinets will be amazing with the floors and will give a whole new look to the room! Can’t wait!

  14. You have us beat. We’ve only owned 15 homes but we’ve moved 27 times in 51 years. Your floors are beautiful so are your cabinets but I understand wanting have them lighter. I’m looking forward to seeing what all you do. We have stayed put since my husband retired. Now we need some updating. (House and bodies! LOL)

  15. Hi ex-neighbor! We miss you both so much! I love stalking you on your website to keep up with what ya’ll are doing with the new home. The paint colors look great — I’m going to steal them. Please keep posting!

  16. Your kitchen is amazing! I have wood cabinets like that and I’ve been kind of itching to paint them because so many kitchens look gorgeous painted white or a lighter color. But after seeing your cabinets, which are similar to mine, I don’t think I will. I think I need to change what’s around them to make them look better.

  17. Congrats on your home! I love the kitchen and look forward to seeing how you add your personal (and fabulous) touch! The floors look great!

  18. I love your new kitchen. But I wouldn’t paint those cupboards! I love my kitchen since we put it in about 5 years ago but it is not big and also lacks adequate storage. I will be interested in seeing where you carve out extra storage space. Enjoy!

  19. Oh, I can’t wait to see what you do, Debbie! The cabinets have great details that paint will only highlight. And with your magic painterly touch it will be fabulous.
    xo Heidi

  20. The floors look so much better!! We got one room done last summer, but we have two rooms and a hallway to go.

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