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Laundry Room Storage Ideas for Small Rooms

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I think I may have one of the smallest laundry rooms in the world. I refreshed my space for around $100.

Laundry Room Storage Ideas for Small Rooms

I’m bringing organization in to my tiny laundry room…

And you can too! As a blogger for Better Homes and Gardens products at Walmart, I’m excited to share a wonderful giveaway for you today!

Laundry Room Makeover Storage Container IdeasWe moved recently and I really miss my super sized laundry room. Trust me 6′ x 6’6″ is way too small, I really don’t know what the previous owners were thinking!

Small Laundry Room Makeover

Laundry Room Makeover Messy before

After moving in and trying to cram way too much stuff in there, I realized a few things. It was difficult to get to the washing machine, that my mess could be seen from the kitchen when the door is open and I needed to rethink everything in that small space.

Laundry room view from the kitchen

My four step plan to reclaim order in the laundry room:

  • Empty the room, except the washer and dryer ;).
  • Sort – Remove any items that aren’t related to doing laundry!
  • Trash anything broken and beyond repair.
  • Donate – Items that I no longer need.

Laundry Room Makeover 4 Cube storage Better Homes and Gardens

Thanks to the beautiful Better Homes and Gardens line of products at Walmart, I have a pretty and organized space for laundry.

Laundry Room 4 Cube with casters

After putting the Better Homes and Gardens Square 4-Cube Organizer together, I added 4 casters to the bottom.  Great for cleaning those dust bunnies that find their way under everything in there!

I decided to use the Better Homes and Gardens Collapsible Fabric Storage Cube (Set of 2 for only $11.34). They come in several colors and these are my favorite!

Laundry Room Storage baskets and lined wire baskets

Wire baskets with chalkboard labels, easy to change when you decide to store something different.

Laundry Room Storage with Wire Baskets Chalkboard Tags

Laundry Room Lidded Boxes for Storage

I store paper plates, napkins and plastic cups in these lidded boxes. I know those have nothing to do with laundry, but my pantry is small too! (Pantry organization coming soon!)

Laundry Room Makeover Better Homes and Gardens Hangers

In an effort to jump start my closet make-over, I added these velvet no-slip hangers.

Laundry Storage Ideas to make it cute and functional

I love standing in my kitchen and looking in to my fun, organized tiny laundry room!

Laundry Room Organization Tips

Four stylish ideas for organizing your laundry room, play room, pantry, closet and everywhere you need to keep everything in it’s place.

  1. Laundry Room Organization - stay organized with these containersBetter Homes and Gardens Square 4-Cube Organizer, Multiple Colors ($37.96 each)
  2. Better Homes and Gardens Medium Wire Basket with Chalkboard, Black ($9.94 each)
  3. Better Homes and Gardens Medium Lidded Box ($5.97 each)
  4. Better Homes and Gardens Collapsible Fabric Storage Cube, Set of 2 (11.34 for 2)

Laundry Room paint color: SW 6212 Quietude 

Thanks to Better Homes and Gardens at Walmart for sponsoring this post and providing the gift card! Find them on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter!


Better Homes and Gardens at Walmart

 *Sponsored by BHG at Walmart Live Better Network.

Guess what? I redesigned the laundry room and got rid of the wire shelves, see all the details of my refresh space: Small Laundry Room Makeover in only 7 Days!

Laundry Room Ideas at Refresh Restyle
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    74 thoughts on “Laundry Room Storage Ideas for Small Rooms”

    1. Your laundry room is still bigger than mine. I think mine is about 6×4. The best I can do is a wire rack above the W/D and a shower curtain rod in front of the window for hangers and hanging clothes. But mine is upstairs,where all the clothes are, and out if sight and I can just shut the door, so there’s that.

    2. Haha! I went and measured my laundry room, after reading this and it’s 5’7″ x 6,7″ so about the same! Not sure what they were thinking here either, given that the rest of the house is huge! Way to embrace working with what you’ve got – looks great! Love the chalkboard label baskets too!

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    4. I would love to organize my laundry area with these same products! Your room looks great. My laundry area is about the size of yours…..small!!

    5. Thanks for the chance to win Debbie. I am hoping to get my closets more organized. This is perfect for me! Your laundry room looks amazing!!
      Have a great weekend!

    6. Your laundry room looks beautiful and so organized. I honestly think my laundry room is a bit smaller than yours and it is screaming for help:) thank you for the opportunity to win the gift card and take my laundry room out of its misery:D That blue in your room is just beautiful! I love better homes and garden EVERYTHING at walmart:) Their candles and tarts are amazing too if you haven’t tried them! Thanks Debbie! Love it!

    7. I LOVE this and my small laundry definitely needs redoing and a fresh coat of paint. I have plenty of cabinets overhead, my only problem is that my laundry room is a walk thru to my garage, so two walls are taken up by doors. 🙁 I’m thinking about getting rid of the cabinets (or at least the doors) and having open shelving. Any good ideas for that?

    8. I need some more organization in my kitchen…I actually have on my list to get from Walmart the baskets with the insert and chalkboard in the next couple of days! Thanks for the contest!

    9. I need to organize every room in my home and the garage too. I would start in my laundry room too. Thanks for the giveaway.

    10. I need stylish organization in my office space. It is a mess and I need to get some containers and other items to help organized my space!!

    11. I am working on organizing a pantry, laundry room and bedroom closet. Your laundry room looks very inviting. I love the wire baskets.

    12. Looks amazing!! I need this sort of organization in my laundry room. We got great shelving but it doesn’t look nearly as good and put together as yours!! Awesome job!

    13. My home office is a disaster. It has become the “I don’t know where it needs to go room” so everything ends up in there. This has given me some great ideas to get started. Thanks!

    14. Love the color you chose for your walls. The containers you used from BHG are so inexpensive…heading to Walmart tomorrow!

    15. My Laundry Room! It is also my pantry,My storage area for appliances and pots and pans My place for my water heater, Closets – A big mess. I want to start.

    16. Wow, I love your laundry room! We are thinking of finishing our basement and our laundry and once that is finished I plan to use some of these ideas. It will probably be a small space.

    17. I need this inspiration… and push I guess.
      I’m taking a room from the guest house and turn it into a laundry room – well, not exactly laundry as the washing and drying machine are in perfect nooks in the garage. But I need a space to ironing and organizing clothes and that room is there closed day after day after month after year that I started the year considering to put it into good use. So your tricks are pretty much appreciated.
      Thank you,

    18. Thanks for the post. Tackling my laundry room is on my to-do list. I’m a fan of adding casters so thumbs up on that choice. I have cabinets in there to hide the clutter but I will be using some sort of basket/bin organization just like you did. Cheers!


    19. How convenient1 I am also tackling a laundry room makeover, mainly because in the remodeling of the bathroom, there was an accident.

    20. My playroom has been a dumping ground. Need help!! I believe I’ve got you beat with the smallest laundry room…..mine is 5’10 1/2 x 6.6. Mine has a sink too so there is no space to add a cute cube unit like yours.

    21. I feel your pain, my laundry room is 6×5.5 and I need major help with my laundry room. My laundryroom has no style and is screaming for a makeover 🙂


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