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Burlap and Flowers

Hey guys, today I’m sharing a fun idea for your front door!

Burlap and FlowersWelcome home with flowers in burlap containers.

On one of my recent outings, I was cruising the isles of Hobby Lobby and I came across these burlap grow bags. They were around $3 each and I thought it would be cool to grow something in a burlap bag, lined with plastic with drain holes. Yep, I was going to create a live door decor, just like I did here.

And then I thought about this crazy weather and I went over and grabbed these pretty artificial flowers.

Spring flowers in burlap bags for the front door

I am loving the pinks and greens with a few pops of coral.

  1. How to create a flower arrangement in an burlap bagGrow Bag
  2. Stuff with floral foam
  3. Start placing the flowers

Step by step instructions for flowers in a burlap bag

I bought 2 bunches of flowers and 2 stems of greenery. I cut each stem, so that I could place them individually.

I’m loving the burlap and flowers together.

Double doors with pretty burlap bags filled with flowers

Corals, greens, pinks flowers in burlap bags

The next time your cruising Hobby Lobby, pick up some Grow Bags.

Here you can see a little more about how I placed the flowers and greenery…
Flowers in a burlap bag for an awesome door decor idea!

What’s on your front door?? How about burlap and flowers!

Burlap bags filled with coral, pink and green flowers

My next project is sanding and staining the front doors 😉

Stay tuned for that fun project!

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  1. Love it….such a cute idea. I tried to do something different on my door this yr also, I have my flowers in a grater.
    Nice job.

  2. How beautiful, and what a great alternative to a traditional wreath! Love how you used the burlap too, such a great idea!

  3. I love your door decoration….it’s so creative!!! How did you hang it on the door???

    • Hi Judi,
      I used the outdoor clear Command hooks! They’ve been up there since the fall and have held 3 seasons of door decor 🙂

  4. Girl, I would swear these same doors are in my subdivision!! Do you live in Lane Creek?

  5. What a great find in Hobby Lobby. I love to find things like that and will make a great project. Your choice of flowers and stems really bring Spring out for your entrance. Thank you for the great tutorial.

  6. I love the burlap bags on the door. I also did not know there was such a thing as a grow bag. Gonna have to look into that! And. . . ah-ha! I thought that was you modeling on Southern Hospitality Wednesday. Great job!

  7. Debbie, so love your beautiful burlap bag floral arrangements on the doors!…So very creative! Loving your front doors, they are so very similar to mine. Have a great weekend and Happy Easter!

  8. I may have to cruise on over there today! Your door looks great!

  9. Debbie,
    You were smart to go with the silk flowers for your doors and by the way…they look GREAT!!! Gotta say…that old gate is sooooo awesome!! HAPPY EASTER!!


  10. oh , i just love the flowers in the bag. perfections! Wow, look at you getting all fancy with the time lapse video. gotta show me how you did that. Looking forward to getting together some time soon!

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