My First Time

I have a few regularly scheduled lunch dates. One of the restaurants we visit serves amazing turkey sandwiches on focaccia bread. We’ve asked several times about it, they act like they don’t hear us. I think it must be like the Colonel’s secret recipe.

I was excited to find an easy recipe!  

So excited that I bought all the ingredients and made it!

~ My First Time ~

and it turned out great!

I followed the recipe exactly, well almost!

It’s on page 37.  I even made the stuff on page 33!

(click above-to go over, it’s the beautiful Spring Issue and it’s free :)

I’ll just be honest, making bread scares me.  It’s not like it’s going to eat me or something,  maybe the bread should be scared of me!

If they’d just tell us where to buy that darn bread,

I would not have to do this!


I said I followed the recipe exactly, but actually, I didn’t have fresh rosemary.  

I can only imagine that will make it even better.  

I will add more tomatoes too, YUM! 

It smells so good, wish this was smellivision :)

Go over and check out the magazine, you’ll be glad you did!

Do you bake?


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  1. says

    Oh yum! This looks delicious and I don’t even like tomatoes! I love to bake, although I can’t remember the last time I made bread.

  2. says

    Hi Debbie,
    Wow, this looks so good…
    I have never tried making any type of bread. My daughter likes to make bread! I will share this recipe with her the next time she is home, and maybe…(wink) she will make it for us!!
    Have a great week!
    All the Best,

  3. says

    Yum! I’ve never tried making focaccia but maybe this will give me the courage to try! I laughed out loud about you being amazed that the bread was rising! :-)

  4. MIndo says

    You (and House of Fifty) have inspired me to bake bread without the aid of my trusty bread maker! I’m also going to make the roasted tomato spaghetti for dinner tomorrow. Thanks!

  5. says

    This should not be a night time post – now I am starving!! I am not a big baker (too exact for me) but I did go to a cooking class long ago where we made our own foccacia – it was delicious! Of course, I don’t discriminate against any kind of bread!

  6. says

    oh WOW! love this recipe and i think it is going to be on the menu tomorrow with roasted veggie soup and a nice salad!!! YUM!!!! thanks for sharing…hugs from your newest follower : )

  7. Sue says

    I have never made any type of bread, but this sounds really easy and delish, too! thanks for the link- I still haven’t been over to see House of Fifty this issue. :-)

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