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5 Tips for Your Spring Garden

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We finished the outdoor kitchen and we are living on the back porch! Our house was built in the 80’s and some of the shrubs have been around for a while!! There’s lots of green out here and I wanted to share my 5 tips for your spring garden to add color in every corner.

5 tips for your spring garden to add color in every corner

As soon as you round the driveway to park there’s a little brick path leading to the back porch and back door.

Entry before adding color to the side entry

It look a lot like this until a couple days ago!

Here’s what I did:

  1. Move straw away from the area that you’re going to add plants.
  2. Amend the soil – I like to add moisture control potting soil to my holes.
  3. Remove plants for the pot and loosen the roots.
  4. Dig hole according to the label on the plant. Usually twice the diameter.
  5. Cover plant, replace straw or mulch and water in. Water slowly to remove any air pockets in the soil. Place dirt where needed.

I do this for all my planting, whether I am planting annuals or perennials. These 5 tips will get your colorful spring garden off to a great start.

My plant list for this area:

  • Monrovia Aloha Kona Calibrachoa – purple
  • Monrovia Express Verbena – fuchsia
  • Monrovia 4D Osteospermum

Find plants that thrive in your area: Monrovia Plant Selection

Prep well before planting

Move your mulch back for planting.

Prep soil before planting

I add a bag of moisture control potting soil and work it into the soil.

Pretty in purple add Monrovia for healthy color

Choose healthy plants like these from Monrovia. I love their selection of color and plant variety.

Attract humming birds and add color to your garden

Separate roots before placing plants in the ground

Separate the roots before planting.

add straw or mulch to help control moisture in warm climates

After you’ve planted, place straw or mulch around your plants.

I am loving the pop of color when you walk up to the back porch.

For the other side of the porch I’m adding  a Scarlet Torch Bottlebrush. Beautiful color and it attracts hummingbirds.

Add color with perenial

Attract humming birds and add color to your garden

While shopping for plants I spotted an old favorite, that we had at our house about 12 years ago. It’s the Monrovia Madison Star Jasmine. I’m adding it to the area under the steps leading up to our storage area above the garage. It’s a fragrant fast growing vine that I’ve had great luck with. The flowers on it smell heavenly. If you need a beautiful fast growing vine, you will love it:

Add color and fragrance with this beautiful jasmine vine

For your spring garden think about popping in some color and fragrance. The white blooms are beautiful.

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What’s your favorite way to add color to your garden??



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