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Coastal Inspired Flag

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From a picket fence to a

 Coastal Inspired Flag

White picket fence sections have multiple personalities.

When I first meet these two they were leaning in the back room of a rummage sale.  After further inspection, I realized that someone had used them as headboards.

I snatched them up not really knowing what I would do with them.  But they’re wood, for $5 and I knew I could deconstruct/up-cycle them and create something else.  After looking at them for a year, it finally hit me, a wooden flag.

I created a beachy coastal inspired flag from sections of the  white picket fence.

Flag Stars -coastal inspired colors

diy steps and supplies contains affiliate links Supply list:

Safety glasses

Hearing protection

Painter’s Tape

Wood (we used  sections of a white picket fence)

Craft Paint (your choice of colors)

Paint applicator – I used a piece of cardboard (brush or sponge)


Hot glue gun
Flag supplies for Coastal inspired flag


Beachy Coastal inspired flag

Beachy colors flag

Remove boards with drill. Luckily they used screws 🙂Beachy Coastal inspired flag

Beachy Coastal inspired flag

Mark and cut the pickets off, to create a rectangle. Be sure to wear safety glasses and hearing protection.
Beach colors coastal inspired flag

Tape the area for stars and stripes.Beach colors coastal inspired flag

Paint the section for the stars. I used a vibrate green for this area.

Beach colors coastal inspired flagI placed 3 colors of craft paint on my paper plate palette, I blended and painted all 3 at the same time. I used a piece cardboard (you could use a paint brush) to create a dragging effect.

Remove the tape and sand lightly, if needed. I used a sanding block to distress the paint.

Use a hot glue gun to apply the starfish.

Beach colors coastal inspired flagAfter it dried, I hung it in the screened in area on the dock.  It looks perfect with all the colors in there.

Beach colors coastal inspired flag

Beach colors coastal inspired flag

Beach colors coastal inspired flagThe white picket fence is now the perfect beachy coastal inspired flag for the dock!




    28 thoughts on “Coastal Inspired Flag”

    1. I think your flag is so cute! I am making a pallet flag and I was a board short I will be using your trick to fit in 13 stripes.

    2. Just love the flag. I love how you took a flag design (which most times you think red, white, and blue) and made it your own with great colors. I looks so great in your dock room. And what a great room that is. What great design. I am a new follower and just love your blog, design, and tips.

    3. Too, too cute – love the colors and it looks so perfect the way you used it. How nice to have a dock house and your décor is perfect. The flag is just the icing on the cake. The pillows match the flag perfectly – did you make those ?? If so, I would love to know the brand. The wood stumps look perfect – what a fantastic place to just read, meditate, perfect for a relaxing summer. I love your blog and wish I had 1/2 your talent and creativity. Thanks for sharing all your great ideas.


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