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Container Gardening

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Hey friends, in honor of Earth Day this year we are planting a little veggie patch aka container gardening.

Container gardening is easy

Whether you’re planting a garden to reduce your carbon emissions or planting a tree to give us oxygen, we can all do a little to make a difference in tomorrow.

I’m including a free printable for you to print out and pop in to a frame as a reminder to be gentle to Earth everyday. 

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Plant a Garden Free Print - Container


There are lots of containers that you can use for gardening, we chose one that’s elevated. I know Mama and I will really appreciate not having to do the back breaking job of bending over to pick tomatoes or pull weeds.

container garden idea


  • Pick a sunny spot, most plants need at least 6 hours of sun a day.
  • Use a good quality potty soil, preferably organic. Don’t use soil from your yard, it typically doesn’t drain well.
  • Drainage is very important, our container has built-in drainage, a spigot that can be opened and closed based on rainfall or general watering.
  • Keep the soil moist, water if the first inch of soil feels dry.

Garden idea

Plant a couple of each plant, just in case one doesn’t make it. We chose to plant tomatoes, squash, bell peppers, chives and okra. So far everything is doing well.  Start your container gardening off on the right foot, search for plants that look alive.

vegetables for garden

vegetable container garden

After placing the vegetables in the container, be sure to water them in by slowly adding water around the root area. Check daily, you can use your finger to check dryness.

Have you noticed how many times I’ve mentioned water :), let’s face it water and sun are key! container garden tall option

Here’s Mama and Rowdy checking the progress, they are impressed with how the tomatoes are looking! We love fresh tomato sandwiches. (Many of you know that a couple of years ago, Mama became my neighbor, she will be tending the garden.)

plants for container garden

mamas container garden

We’d love to hear about your green act, what are you doing for Earth Day?

bell pepper plant

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plant a garden printable - Plant a garden - container garden idea with a free print to frame.


CLICK HERE TO GRAB A COPY: Free “Plant a Garden Printable”



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