DIY Painted Chair

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DIY Painted Chair

Go bold!

Don’t be afraid to use one of your favorite colors, wait they’re all my favorite…
DIY Painted Chair green chair Spray paint, whether with this method  or a can of spray paint is the easiest way to paint a chair. Trust me, I’ve painted enough by hand with a paintbrush, I know!

DIY Painted Chair green chair with Rust-Oleum

For these I used Rust-Oleum in this beautiful shade of green.

Clean your chair, make sure it’s dry.

Be sure to follow directions on the can.

DIY Painted Chair green chair  Chair Before

These chairs had an undertone of orange, not that I don’t love orange. I just thought green would be better 🙂

Green Chair DIY Painted Chair green chair

What do you think??

DIY Painted Chair green - rust-oleum

Here it is without the cushion, surprisingly it’s pretty comfortable.

DIY Painted Chair green chair

Even more comfortable with the cushions!

DIY Painted Chair green chair

Ok, enough about chairs.  My son is getting married next week and it’s crunch time.  Being the MOG, Mother of the Groom, things have been pretty easy. I can’t wait!


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17 thoughts on “DIY Painted Chair”

  1. On the mother of the groom thing. When my first son got married 30 years ago a friend told me, “The mother of the groom should wear beige and keep her mouth shut.” By the time my second son married a year later, I felt very experienced a told her that she was wrong. The role of the mother of the groom is to wear what she is told and keep her mouth shut. Well, between those two sons, we had three grandsons get married last year and times have changed. It appears to me that in most cases you can wear what you want. It might still be wise to use discretion in what you choose to say. Enjoy that wedding.

  2. Thanks for this. I have been wanting to do a chartreuse green piece of furniture, a faux bamboo with cane backin actually!, and this is the perfect color. 🙂

  3. Debbie, Debbie, Debbie!! I like the chair before, but I LOVE it after! It has great shape and lines and making it green just brought all that out even more! It looks perfect in the dining room against all the white!


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