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End table to Night table…

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I had just finished my modern farm table, and was talking to the best daughter in the world.  What can I build next?  She says, you can build me a bedside table!  My mind went to that place where it goes, and I said that’s a good idea!  I had just made a run to one of the best little bargain stores in town, also known as Goodwill.  I bought this cute end table made of bamboo, with a glass top.  I had no idea what I was going to do with it, but for $14, I was bringing it home!  I kept looking at it thinking how cool it would be to incorporate it into the bedside table.  Low and behold, I came up with idea, after idea and this is what happened:

The little legs had to go, it needed a tall base. She has a very tall bedroom suit/mattress. The finished height is 32″. We used MDF for the base, to start with we made a box. Then after many drawings, I decided on the design for the cutout.  It’s hard cutting that much with a jigsaw, it turned out good though!   The sides are joined with glue and nails. I primed the base and used Krylon Satin Avocado indoor/outdoor spray paint, to paint the entire piece. The most difficult part has been the weather.

Here she is getting her first can!

Plenty of room on top and the glass keeps your books visible!

Fresh color for her brown bedroom!

A place for books or magazines! We both love magazines!

A place for a tray or a basket…

It’s been a fun process and I look forward to my next, until then…

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