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Farmhouse Advent Calendar

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It’s time for Thrift Store Decorating, I’m sharing my Farmhouse Advent Calendar. I remember buying two of these old printer trays a few years ago. They’ve been collecting dust, I just had to have one so I bought two!

When I find a great deal, I never stop at purchasing one and sometimes I buy three. You know they say odd numbers in decorating look best. I’m kind of glad they on had two of these because it’s taken me this long to figure out what to do with one. I love the original wood tone – it’s hard to believe, I didn’t even want to paint it!

custom advent calendar with a printer tray

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Thrift Store



Advent calendar in a printers tray perfect farmhouse look

Here’s how it started out. I was so glad that some of the areas are larger than others.

Old printers tray is now an advent calendar

  1. Printer Tray
  2. Small Command hooks
  3. Small ornaments
  4. anything else you want to add, I used a small barn and 2 wooden trees
  5. Chalk

Use the chalk to number 1-25 on your tray. Attach command hooks in a way that it’s easy to attach your ornaments. I also used the command adhesive strips to attach the barn and trees.

Tiny command hooks to hang advent ornaments

Hang tiny ornament for advent calendar

Make a farmhouse rustic advent calendar

Farmhouse advent calendar countdown

Do you have one of these? What have you created with yours? Remember, I still have one more. Using the chalk and command strip hooks, I can refresh this one in the future. Not sure how but I can.

Chalked numbers for this farmhouse advent calendar at Refresh Restyle

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    18 thoughts on “Farmhouse Advent Calendar”

    1. Love this idea! I have one, too, that I have been trying to figure out a use for, other than displaying miniature things. Thanks for sharing!

    2. Love your advent calendar. Wish I had an old wooden box like that. It’s adorable and makes one really look forward to each day through the Christmas season. Love the shine of the ornaments in the little cubbies.

    3. That is such a creative way to use an old printer’s tray! I have two printer’s trays but one is very small and narrow and the other is quite a bit smaller than yours. It might have enough little spaces, though. I should look and maybe it could be a calendar, too.

    4. Oh Debbie! How brilliant to use the small command hooks. The hook problem is why I’ve never done anything with my printer’s tray. I even bought small hooks and dreaded the thought of screwing them all in with these old fingers.

      I love how your farmhouse advent calendar turned out.



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