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I’ll be in the kitchen!

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I’ve been working on the kitchen, and I’m not finished! I thought if I post this in stages,it won’t get too long! It  seems like I’m changing every area of the kitchen and dining area, what was I thinking?? Turns out to be a lot of work!  I just wanted to show a couple of the areas.

Before at the garage entrance:


















The entrance was not bad before, actually none of it was, I was just ready for a change.  And this area began to drive me crazy, it never looked like this.  There was always something hanging on these hooks, and we just kept piling on more and more stuff!  This coat rack will be going just outside the door, in the garage!



Before dining area sidebar:



















Before area above refrigerator:



















Before dining area:



















Here’s a sneak peak of the red island (not finished!):

I am loving the colors! It seems so much cooler!

Here’s my girl after a long weekend at the lake!

If you need me, you know where I’ll be! Busy week, and this weekend we’re off to Athens, for our son’s graduation! They grow up too fast!
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    28 thoughts on “I’ll be in the kitchen!”

    1. Debbie,
      I love the mustard, crimson, olive combination that is going out of style 🙁 I am young with a young family. What advice do you have for me to update “my” colors. I think that I am ready to pack up the red but I’m just not sure that I can get rid of all of it. One idea I was tossing around was to try to replace some of the red with aqua? Also I have been toying with the idea of trying to find more modern fabric prints, but with the same color scheme. I am just so unsure about what my next step should be, and when I stumbled over here and saw your kitchen I just had to ask what you think.

    2. Hi Debbie, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your kitchen, what a great transformation!! Your island looks fabulous we just did something similar to ours, stop by for a look when you get a chance just became your newest follower!! Martina

    3. Great transformation! Our styles are very similar. Thank you for signing up for the pet portrait give away! It ends the day that I get 100 followers which I think will be today or at least by this weekend. Looking forward to following your blog!

    4. Oh Debbie! Everything is looking so fabulous and I cannot wait to see the rest of the island! I adore the cabinet in your entry and all of your gorgeous touches. Great job! 🙂

    5. I am so jealous….it all looks so great….I love the colors tooo…keep showing us what you are doing…..I guess you took more after Mother that the rest of us…lol…love ya

      • Thanks Joyce, you can paint, I know you can! It just took 1 day to paint the kitchen, but it’s taking me forever to put things together! Love ya too!


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