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Lamp + Mirror Refresh

I gave my entry some much needed attention last week. Even though I love the pieces that I have in here, I was not feeling the combo of dark mirror, dark lamps and light buffet. Being the furniture painter that I am, I wonder why I waited so long! This was a no brainer lamp and mirror refresh. The light bright space looks so much better now. Thanks to Maison Blanche for sponsoring this makeover. For quick makeovers of accessory pieces, think paint!

My Maison Blanche painting friends are sharing their projects too, be sure to visit them. I will have their projects listed at the end of the post.

Maison Blanche Paint Company Vintage Painted Furniture Makeover Projects and Ideas

Lamp + Mirror Refresh

Light and Bright entry with painted lamps - mirror and sideboard buffet

Dried magnolia wreath painted furniture lamps and mirror

Here’s a photo from last fall:Last fall Old-gate-nature-inspired-entry-at-Refresh-Restyle

The space now:

Light and Bright entry with painted lamps - mirror and sideboard buffet

Click here: You can find the lamps. (affiliate link)


Create a cohesive look between the buffet and the decor with paint. The top half of the space was being weighed down with a dark mirror and the lamps went unnoticed on top of the dark stained buffet. The base of the buffet is painted in Maison Blanche Franciscan Gray, now the mirror matches the buffet.


  1. Maison Blanche Paint – colors: Oyster and Franciscan Gray
  2. Stir stick
  3. Paint Brush
  4. Tape
  5. Baby Wipes
  6. Maison Blanche Clear Wax


Tape off any areas that you don’t want painted. Wipe your piece to remove dust/debris before painting.

Stir your paint well. One tip that I use is turn the can upside down while you prep your project. 

Apply your paint.

I like to use baby wipes to distress, you can wipe away paint to show the color underneath. No dust from using sand paper to distress.

Maison Blanche Oyster vintage furniture paint


How to paint a lamp base with furniture paint


How to paint and distress a lamp base without sanding

Baby wipes used to distress.

Before and After Lamp makeover with Maison Blanche vintage paint

Perfectly painted and distressed without sanding.

Love the distressed lamp base with instructions on how to do it.

For the mirror, I painted it with Maison Blanche Oyster as a base color, topped with Franciscan Gray:

Maison Blanche Franciscan Gray


Painted mirror and lamp base no sanding distressing DIY

I used baby wipes to distress the mirror.

Apply clear wax to seal the finish.

Burlap shade with painted and distressed lamp base


Painted lamp bases mirror and side board - love the light bright entry

Paint is one of the most powerful tools for home decor makeovers. This mirror and lamp project took very little time and effort. Create a space that you love with Maison Blanche paint, it’s not just for furniture!

Light and Bright entry with painted furniture - lamps - mirror

Maison Blanche Vintage Furniture Paint Inspiration:

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  2. A Blissful Nest

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  6. The Golden Sycamore

Maison Blanche Paint Company Vintage Painted Furniture Makeovers - Projects and Ideas



  1. Oh yeah, Debbie… that was a perfect ‘face-lift’ for the area! Good job!

  2. I recently bought those exact lamps at a yard sale, and I’ve wondered where they were from originally. Do you mind sharing where you purchased them? Thank you!

  3. Beautiful job Debbie! I love the perfect distressing. I use baby wipes in the shop all the time, but only for distressing a few times… I need to use them more often.
    Everything is gorgeous, and I love your styling! 🙂



  4. love all of it !! Thanks for sharing !!

  5. I’m loving it. The lamps and mirror now pop against the stained wood top. Awesome idea. Thanks for all the ideas.

  6. Everything looks so beautiful. Love the colors.

  7. Love all of the painted furniture ideas you have, hopefully this will motivate me to complete some of my planned projects.

  8. gorgeous entry and the lamps are super cool!!!! Love the green demijohn!

  9. Love this Debbie! I need to refresh some lamps in my house so your tutorial will be perfect for those.

  10. Love it, Debbie! Love how you used the baby wipes for distressing – great tip! Looks like you are having an incredible vacay! Hope you are enjoying your time away!

  11. Beautiful! I love the gray desk with the dark wood top. It looks pretty and welcoming.

  12. The mirror and lamps look great!!!!

  13. Wow! What a great change. I love the ease of using baby wipes for the distressed look. You have my mind roaming the rooms I might like to change!

  14. You have given me some ideas! Oh my goodness –gotta go! You are brilliant!!!!!

  15. Changing the color of the mirror frame made a huge difference. Lovely!

  16. Everything looks so pretty Debbie!! LOVE your entryway! 🙂

  17. I love what you did with these Lamps! I love the distressed look and it really makes these lamps look elegant. What a great way to spruce up a room. Thanks for an easy idea.

  18. Looks so beautiful! The lamps are very cute ♥


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