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Painted Signs

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Inspired from Renovation Style Magazine

(copy of the page)

Quotes painted on canvas, a request from my daughter. 

1.  Measure and draw lines on canvas.

Spray Painted sign #diycraft #signs #spraypainted

2.  Place stickers to create the quote.  (Use new ones, these were old and did not stick properly.)

Spray Painted sign #diycraft #signs #spraypainted

3.  Use flat black spray paint.  I used Krylon

Spray Painted sign #diycraft #signs #spraypainted

4.  Remove stickers and enjoy.

Spray Painted sign #diycraft #signs #spraypaintedSpray Painted sign #diycraft #signs #spraypainted

There was a little “under” spray, but my daughter loved that.

Happy Accident

Spray Painted sign #diycraft #signs #spraypainted

My first.

Spray Painted sign #diycraft #signs #spraypainted

She loved them and the hardest part for me was drawing the lines.

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    29 thoughts on “Painted Signs”

    1. What kind of alphabet stickers do you use for this project? Are they the sticker sheets that you buy to use in scrapbooking or some other type? or Vinyl stickers?Did you use an old canvas for this project or cut your own board to size? I’d sure like to try to make something like that to hang in my laundry area, over the circuit breaker box. I will need to cover 32 x 16 inches. If I can’t find a used canvas, do they sell canvas that size or should I just have a board cut that size to use?

      • Betty,
        I used the ones for scrapbooking. You can use any that have an adhesive on them. As far as canvas sizes, I am not sure what’s available. I’m sure you can find one that size at Hobby Lobby or one of the other craft stores.

    2. Just stopping over to say howdy to another member of the “tribe”. I’ll be back to snoop around more on your blog. I might even have to try my hand at making some signs like yours.



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