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Pet Friendly Carpet Makes Life Easier

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Hi friends, today I’m sharing our new rug, actually it’s PetProof carpet from Home Depot. I must say that Murphy and I are loving it for different reasons. She thinks it’s soft and comfortable and I love that it’s easy to clean.Life Proof Pet proof carpet for the love of pets

Where’s the first place that Murphy heads for when she starts hacking? You know it, I don’t know why she can’t throw up on tile or the wood floor. The crazy thing is so many of my friend’s pets do the same thing. Pet friendly carpet makes my life so much easier!

We love our Murphy, many times we look at each other and say how lucky we are to have such a sweet and perfect dog. Just like any pet, she’s still an animal. She loves to sprawl out in the grass, wiggle around on her back and stretch out to enjoy the sun. When it’s time to come inside, she doesn’t care that she’s covered in pollen, pine straw or anything stinky that she can roll around in! She has a carefree infectious spirit.

Room size Life Proof carpet ma

Life Proof carpet for the pets in our - Pet Proof carpet at Home Depot

Pet owners we can rejoice!

Let me introduce you to PetProof carpet, exclusively available at HomeDepot. What I love about this pet friendly carpet:

  • Stain Protection – against any pet stain. Built-in stain protection that will never wash off.
  • Odor Resistant – smelly pet, no problem
  • Easy to Clean – from pet hair, dander and soil

Keeping our home fresh is very important to me and I don’t want our guests to be offended by debris or pet odors, we love Murphy so we probably don’t notice how messy she can be. She’s so sweet and does no wrong, making it easy to put up with her little mishaps. I vacuum regularly and spot clean when needed.

Love my room size PetProof carpet now all the furniture is on the rug

I love that we can all in harmony, with our rambunctious pets.

The carpet comes in beautiful colors and designs. I had a hard time picking a color, I almost went neutral. Instead I picked Storm Tossed. It’s a beautiful bluish gray and I love how it adds the right amount of color to the room. The carpet was cut to the size of a 12′ x 12′ rug and it fits perfectly in my living room. Before I had to use two rugs to reach from side to side.

Favorite LifeProof Pet Proof Carpet

Color Storm Tossed Pet proof Carpet

I really loved this textured option also:

Texture one choice of PetProof carpet

We love the Storm colored PetProof carpet easy to clean and perfect for dog lovers

Murphy has met her match with PetProof carpet from the Home Depot

Living with animals you never know what to expect, but this carpet provides 0 % moisture absorption – helps to reduce pet odors in the carpet fiber, it’s 3X easier to clean dirt, hair and pet dander, has Nanoloc™ spill and soil shield for quick and easy clean up.

Pet proof carpet made in to a rug for the farmhouse

Look how comfy she looks on the freshly vacuumed carpet.

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    5 thoughts on “Pet Friendly Carpet Makes Life Easier”

    1. Great article Debbie, thanks for sharing. I’m very intrigued and I’m going to be looking at it next time I’m at Home Depot. I’m with you – how does the dog know to puke on the one 6ft x 6ft rug we have in the whole house? Haha 🙂

    2. I want to go to the store and look at this carpeting. Do it come in wall to wall carpeting also? Does this carpeting come in darker colors. We have a 20 lb dog that drags everything from the out of the outside, to the inside.
      Than you very much for helping pet owners something that will keep carpeting cleaner.

    3. love that gray, debbie! and i was so impressed with how soft it is!!!! i used dry gourd and couldn’t be happier… and yes why do the dogs always find the carpet when they puke?!?!?! our old dog who is no longer with us used to do the butt drag, too. EEEW. anyhow looks lovely and that’s one happy murph!


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