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Sugar Scrub {Handmade Gifts}

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Sugar Scrub

There are several sugar scrubs on Pinterest.

Here’s what I  did with the following ingredients:


Dawn with Olay Hand Renewal

A cute Mason Jar

1.  I filled the jar with sugar, to the first ridge.  Leaving room to stir.

2.  Then I poured in the Dawn.

3.  Stir well.

4.  Add more sugar and stir, if needed.

I used the round white Avery labels, I bought mine at Walmart.

I packed them back in to their box, took them to the store and gave my Painting Friends a little gift for Christmas! 

These are the cutest, easiest, most useful gifts!

Sharing:  Savvy Southern Style, Stone Gable, Fox Hollow Cottage

My thoughts and prayers go out to the  families of the Victims of Sandy Hook.

I think of my own grandsons, the school they attend is the same grade/age range as Sandy Hook and my heart breaks thinking of these families.  


    21 thoughts on “Sugar Scrub {Handmade Gifts}”

    1. Hi! This looks awesome, and I really want to make some for my mom. Can i use a different kind of of soap or something because my mom would get suspicious if i asked for soap at the store. lol

    2. I made this last Christmas and added coconut oil to mine. An other plus is, if you mix it with your hands, they’re smooth as silk whrn you finish. 🙂

    3. What a great idea, Debbie! My teacher friends would love something like this! Thanks for sharing ~ xo Heidi

      PS — I’ve been so heavy hearted as I look at my little preschoolers this week; yesterday during our Christmas program we all wore ribbons in memory of the Sandy Hook victims. Just can’t wrap my head around such a tragedy.

    4. How CUTE and practical!
      After reading the comments I see that the colored jars had a colored Dawn liquid. That’s easy!!!!
      Why might I want to add more sugar? Is there a consistency that is needed?
      And how do you use the scrub? (I hope that doesn’t seem to obvious to everyone else?) 😀


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