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Tricycle Red {Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint}

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 Tricycle Red Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint

I had never used milk paint before.

But I knew that I wanted a special piece of furniture to try it out on.

The little brown bed was perfect, but those spindles, what was I thinking?

If you follow me on instagram and Facebook, you have already seen this!

I can’t explain how it happened…but you can believe I was dipping my brush in and using it!

I watched all of Miss Mustard Seed’s milk paint videos, this never happened to her 🙂

With milk paint you have the option of adding a bonding agent which makes the paint stick, rather than randomly flaking off.

I was chicken and used it.  Control freak, I know.

I wanted to control the distressing.

Next time, I’m not using the bonding agent.  I need to be brave and see what it can really do.

I really love this red.

I waxed it with clear and dark wax.

It buffed out really nice.

I’m sure you could use a glaze too.

(video coming soon ;)) not really soon but maybe one day.

I finished the bed, rushed it to the store.

Someone grabbed it up pretty quick.

I’m not the only one that loves Tricycle Red 🙂

I recommend watching Miss Mustard Seed’s videos before you start painting with milk paint.

It really helped me a lot, the consistency is so different from latex and milk paint.

My first milk paint project finished very nice.  I no longer fear the milk paint!

Have you used milk paint before?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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    18 thoughts on “Tricycle Red {Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint}”

    1. I just bought a Jenny Lind headboard, and just before it, I bought a bag of Tricycle to paint my son’s new Craigslist dresser. I might have to paint them both in TRICYCLE!!!!

    2. i used milk paint for the first time on a cabinet that I have had for years….it served as many things….was going to get rid of it…i accidently stumbled onto milk paint on the internet….I am in love with it ! I did use the bonding product. Cant wait for my next project. I used the same red as you did on you bed, Your bed turned out awesome !

    3. Yes I have used milk paint in the past. I did NOT use the bonding agent and the results were horrible. The paint all fell off. I haven’t used it since. Now that I know a bonding agent was in order I will retry on another project.
      Love the bed!

    4. Tricycle is one of my favorite Miss Mustard Seed milk paint colors. French Enamel is pretty high on the list, too!

      That bonding agent really sticks, as you know, but you won’t always get major chipping when you don’t use it. It really depends on the piece and the porousness of the wood.

      And I feel your pain about the spindles. I love the look of them, but I hate painting them. So, why did I agree to paint a crib for a neighbor? What was I thinking!

      Love the bed, and I’m not surprised it sold quickly.

    5. Debbie,
      I love me some red! 🙂 {Must be a Deborah thing.) I have used milk paint — although I haven’t tried Miss Mustard Seed’s yet. I wonder how it would work on kitchen cabinets.
      Your Friend,
      PS Have fun this weekend!

    6. I actually have a sample in this exact colour as a friend has just become a UK agent, and sent me some to try.
      Thanks for the advice, I’ll definitely go and look at the videos and I love the way you’ve used the colour on this gorgeous bed frame, so I can’t wait to try it !

    7. Cute 🙂 One thing most people don’t realize is that milk paint and chalk paint have both been around since antiquity! Of course today’s formulation is somewhat different from when it was being used in cave paintings..haha! But basically they’re the same thing. Never ceases to amaze me how what was once old becomes new again. Maybe that’s why so many younger people think thrifting/repurposing/distressed furniture, etc. is a new thing. It’s not of course, but I suspect with today’s economy, people are looking for ways to make a lovely home using what they’ve got or found. For some of us, that’s been our way of life since we were little.

      I’m all for repurposing and re-doing things. But there are just some things out there that outta be left in the junk pile. Fortunately this painted bed isn’t one of those 🙂 It’s cute and I’m sure the buyer is thrilled!

    8. My tricycle and typewriter arrived in the mail on Saturday. I now have a collection of MMS milk paint, and chalk paint in both ASCP and La Craie. I better get painting!


      • I just bought some milk paint last week and hope to use it on an old dressing table I picked up. I didn’t buy the bonding agent. The lady in the store told me that I was very brave. I guess we shall see….
        Your little headboard is fantastic!


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