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Vintage Inspired Poster

Vintage Inspired Poster

Welcome! It’s time for another round of “Oh my word, would you look at that!”  At the end of the post you will find links to the other back to school ideas from my Southern Decorating Friends!

School has started for my grandsons, a little hard to believe.

Seems like it’s earlier and earlier every year!

We took a last minute trip to six flags with them a couple weeks ago, we knew it would be the final fling before they started.

How to create a Vintage Inspired Poster #backtoschool #poster #vintage

While we were there Lane kept trying to catch a butterfly.

And of course that got me to thinking!

My son claims that I plant messages in stories. He says I know what you’re trying to do. But it took him 18 years to figure that out. Now I’m using the same teaching method with my grandkids.

I thought I’d plant a lesson in a poster, sort of speak.

He’s sitting there doing his homework and he looks up at the butterfly poster and learns something.

That kind of subliminal lesson.

How to create a Vintage Inspired Poster #backtoschool #poster #vintage

I ordered my poster (decorative wrap as they call it)from Amazon, pretty much the same place I order anything online, cause it’s easy.  I actually bought 2, the butterfly one and a map. Here’s my affiliate link (Decorative Wrap 20X28 Nat History Butterflies) and (Cavallini & Co. Hemispheres Map Decorative Decoupage Poster Wrapping Paper Sheet)

How to create a Vintage Inspired Poster #backtoschool #poster #vintageOn the top and bottom edge I used a small paint brush to coat about 1/2″ of the poster with Mod Podge. I placed the dowel on it and just pressed the paper edge to the dowel.  This took a little patience, but it worked great.

How to create a Vintage Inspired Poster #backtoschool #poster #vintage


After the glue dries, attach twine to both sides of the poster.  I just tied a knot and trimmed.

How to create a Vintage Inspired Poster #backtoschool #poster #vintage

How to create a Vintage Inspired Poster #backtoschool #poster #vintage

How to create a Vintage Inspired Poster #backtoschool #poster #vintage

How to create a Vintage Inspired Poster #backtoschool #poster #vintage

Decorate with flash cards, hang them with washi tape. Let the kids pick out fun school supplies.

Instead of homework being a chore, make it fun!
How to create a Vintage Inspired Poster #backtoschool #poster #vintage

I hope it’s the best school year ever, and yes I say that every year 😉

Now it’s time to visit the other awesome ideas:

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Back to School Ideas


how to create a vintage inspired poster. #vintage #poster #school


This project is inspired by several posters that my friend Carol did for the store.  I finally got around to finding a reason to make one!

Thanks Carol 🙂




  1. I’m re-doing our nursery and vintage posters have been on my mind. This is a perfect idea- pinned!! Thanks for sharing.
    I co-host a weekly link party on Fridays called “Pin Your Friday Favorite,” and we would love to have you sometime (if you are into those). Have a good week!

  2. What a fabulous, easy idea! LOVE the butterflies! I’m thinking of ordering a cow poster for my kitchen! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. This is so wonderful Debi, love this. Didn’t order butterflies but did order one for bees/honey. Have some other graphics printed out from Graphics Fairy about bees, skeps, hives, excellent ones so this will go so well with others. Getting ready to make new art for gallery wall and wherever else. Love this Had to order it right away before i forgot about it. Sure glad I clicked on your post, have feeling I’ll be ordering more. At least they’re affordable.
    Happy days.

  4. Debbie,
    This really is a great idea!!! What a fabulous and creative way to display. Really gives a vintage vibe! ~Christy

  5. Debbie,

    How did you know I have a wall in my house that is just dying to get something on it. This is perfect. I am totally borrowing this idea. Love it thank you!!!

  6. In my book, this is just brilliant! I’ve always loved vintage school/science posters and this looks just like them. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Love this! When I saw your picture (before I read anything), I thought it was a vintage butterfly chart. I hope your grandson has a good school year.

  8. WOW WOw Wow! Love this! Going to have to get done for those grand kiddos!

  9. Great job! I’ve seen many of these around in shops lately :). Thanks for the tutorial on how to make my own.

  10. YES!! Love, love, love, Debbie!
    xo heidi

  11. Such a smart lady…AND passing it on! Love the post, it is beautiful! ~Sonya

  12. this idea is amazeballs!!!! LOVE!

  13. Debbie, that looks like a vintage poster. What a great idea!

  14. I LOVE this! I see a vintage poster in my daughter’s future… She will want one of these! Thanks for sharing! Life to the full! Melissa

  15. you should have been a teacher!! 🙂 I love that butterfly print and today’s lesson.

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