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3-Tier Galvanized Stand

Hello everyone! The Decor Enthusiast are back this month with decorating ideas and an awesome giveaway!

I’m sharing decorating ideas for this 3-Tier Galvanized Stand. I see these tiered stands everywhere and they are so versatile, I use them in my kitchen, craft room, guest bath and for serving food!

(Y’all seriously, I have a special place in my heart for all things galvanized. I included a little shopping guide at the bottom.)


  • Fall Display:

Use as a centerpiece, filled with flowers and seasonal items. Here I used small silver cups filled with a variety of mums. A few white pumpkins are perfect for a fall display.




  • Fruit Service

Instant breakfast buffet or afternoon snacks. Top with flowers, service with a smile!



  • Dessert Station

Can you tell I love self service? Whether it’s for after dinner dessert or morning muffins, the stand is the perfect helper! Who wants a cup of coffee?




Who’s with me, loving the tiered stands?? Be sure to enter below, you could win one!! Look a little further down the post for the other beautiful prizes, be sure to click over and enter those contest too!

Click photo or link below to see all these lovely prizes:


Duke Manor Farm – Marble – Wood Cake Stand


Artsy Chicks Rule -Rustic Farm Caddy


Restoration Redoux – Beautiful Shabby Tray


Our Southern Home – Galvanized Trio of Cake Stands


Confessions of A Serial Do It Yourselfer – Cozy Zebra Throw

Are you following the Decor Enthusiast Facebook Group? We have so much fun over there. It’s a place to share your decorating & DIY adventures as well as ask advice! We’d love to have you! Just remember….it’s a nice group…no negativity allowed. You can find it HERE.

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RestorationRedoux – ArtsyChicksRule – OurSouthernHome – ChristyKJames – RefreshRestyle – Duke Manor Farm

If you need a little galvanized goodness in your life, check out my Amazon affiliate links:


1. 3 Tier Galvanized Stand/ 2.Galvanized Tote / 3. Galvanized Drink Service / 4. Salt and Pepper Shaker / 5. Silverware Tote / 6. Galvanized Metal Utensil Tote / 7. Galvanized Tray / 8. Galvanized Canister Set


  1. Love the tiered stand. It would look great in my kitchen, or my bathroom, or my sewing room, or any other room.

  2. I would enjoy using the stand for serving desserts or doing seasonal displays. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  3. Love the three tiered stand. Love your style. Thanks for the giveaway.

  4. Just found your blog and subscribed immediately! Thanks for the great giveaway! Looking forward to your future posts…..Diane

  5. I tried to make my own, to no avail, so I would love to win one to put on my dining table, to show off!

  6. Melissa Lichtenberg

    What a lovely piece! I would use this in my coffee room or perhaps in my newly decorated rustic French dining room ❤ I adore the fruit idea too!

  7. Absolutely love the stand, so many different things you can do with it. I have small tin cups like those and that is such a great idea! Love it!

  8. I would use it mainly for fruits, maybe even some veggies that I like to keep out of the fridge but I also think it would be great for baked goods and for parties. 🙂

  9. I would use it for the holdiays! Decor, food and more!


  10. I would probably use my 3 tier stand as a fruit bowl.

  11. Guess it helps to read instructions :0

    I would use it for rings, earrings, watches and bracelets!

  12. Thank you for such a great giveaway! Good luck to all who enter.

  13. I would definitely use it for the holidays……beautiful stand!!

  14. Mine is definitely going to be for desserts. LOL.

  15. Pauline silva GARCIA

    Everyday on our kitchen counter.

  16. Hi, from Oleiros in Portugal country side. I love galvanized things! Realy!
    I think I use it:
    with soaps, shells and towels – in the bathroom;
    sugar bowl, cloth napkins, coffee pot and cups – breakfast or coffee station;
    pumpkins and leaves – in the fall;
    It would be a new world to explore! <3
    Thanks for this giveaway.

  17. Such an awesome giveaway just in time for holiday entertaining!

  18. LOVE galvanized metal, this would go great in my new craft room! Thanks for the chance

  19. It’s hard to pick one use. It’d probably be in my craft room for storage, but move into the kitchen when entertaining.

  20. I love this! I would use it in one of my nine rooms in the small motel I own! It would be perfect in the rustic lodge themed room!

  21. I would display seasonal fruits, flowers & pretty cloth napkins.

  22. We have a coffee/tea area on our kitchen counter. I’d use this for mugs, creamer and sugar bowl, etc.

  23. Oh wow, let’s see– Fruit, snacks (my kids eat a lot!), Dessert station would be a great idea!

  24. Those stands are so cute!! I would use it for seasonal decor 🙂

  25. Christy Peeples DuBois

    Initially i would use it as a fruit stand in the kitchen. That way everyone stopping by would see it and all its uniqueness!

  26. I would use it to serve cookies and pastries during the holidays

  27. To add Christmas decorations to display, probably mercury glass ones.

  28. Thanks for this giveaway opportunity! I’ve always wanted one (okay – over the moon for them!).

  29. Love the 3 tiered cake stand. I could use it for crafts, coffee pods, decor. I might need to get several.

  30. I would use it to store fruits

  31. I would use this for self service food when entertaining and as make up/jewelry storage or decor display during other times. Thank you for the opportunity to win the give-away.

  32. i would use it in the kitchen for my snacks/fruits!

  33. I would use it for self serve food when entertaining and as make up and jewelry storage or decor display at other times.

  34. I would use it all year long trading out items for the seasons. I have wanted one of these so badly.

  35. I LOVE Tiered Stands and use them everyday! I collect all kinds, colors and textures.
    Mine stay mainly on the bar in my kitchen, but I use them when entertaining, also.
    So, I have several options to use one!!
    Thank you for such a wonderful giveaway!!

  36. I would use it to put our fruit in. Thanks for the giveaway!

  37. Love this, never had one!!!

  38. I would put this on my coffee bar and fill it with coffee cups, jars with sugar and scones.

  39. Holiday Decorating!

  40. It’s gorgeous! I can imagine dozens, if not more, ways I could use it.

  41. Oh wow! Not sure what I would use it for because I have so many ideas, such as a coffee station, snacks and fruits on the table, bathroom for toiletries or towels or my bedroom which needs one! Great prize!! Thank you for a chance!

  42. I would have so many uses for the stand. I love the coffee cups idea. I would be tempted to use it in the bathroom for all my essentials. Then it would be perfect for desserts when you have guest for the weekend. It would be beautiful no matter how you use it.

  43. I absolutely adore this stand and that fact it has so many potential uses. I think my favorite use for it would be to hole my african violets in the kitchen.

  44. This would be amazing g on my dry sink in my foyer! Fill it with seasonal goodies or set it on my coffee bar with all the extras for coffees.

  45. If it were up to my hubby, he would use it as a fruit stand….and if it were up to me, I would definitely have it filled with chocolate covered anything!!!…..Beautiful tiered stand and love all of the ways you have utilized it!

  46. Beautiful stand! I’d use it for holiday decorating!

  47. Love the tiered tray. Would be fun to decorate for different seasons

  48. some fruit i think id use it in

  49. Debbie, I’d use mine in my studio to keep supplies organized and accessible.
    I especially love your dessert station. So cute!!

  50. Gorge! My daughters love to make seasonal crafts… I would display their works of art in the tray

  51. The three tiered galvanized stand is beyond fantastic. Would look great on my island.

  52. Would love to have the stand for holiday entertaining.

  53. I love galvanized metal storage. Moving soon and came wait to decorate. This would be perfect.

  54. I would use it on my kitchen Island filled with fruit or tiny little vases of flowers.

  55. Pick me – I love it!!

  56. Great photos for a lovely kitchen display.

  57. I love this it would be perfect for my sea shells and soaps!

  58. I have a rustic farmhouse style guest bathroom. This would be perfect for small towels, soaps & other niceties for guests.

  59. I would use this lovely tiered stand for a coffee station. Or was that for a snack station!

  60. I’ve always wanted one of these!

  61. Thank you for the giveaway. I live the stand. I would use it as a coffee station in the kitchen. Love your blog.

  62. Beautiful giveaway!

  63. Gilda McCain (McStamper)

    This has been on my wish list forever. I want to use it in my craft room. So many uses. Thanks for a chance to win.

  64. I would make desserts for my family and put them out on this stand.

  65. Love this…I would use it all through a he holiday season ahead…but I think it would be perfect for a hot cocoa bar!!! Love this giveaway!

  66. Great idea for a Dessert/coffee bar…!!!
    Patricia (NC Coast)

  67. This would be awesome in my kitchen!

  68. Love it, and I would use it by my coffee bar to hold supplies. I sure hope they pick me!!! Very Lovely.

  69. I would use it on my table when I have my next get together to serve desserts. And permanently keep it displayed on my counter (currently with a fall/Halloween theme). Love it!

  70. I would use this beautiful stand on my coffee bar

  71. I love this! I would use it as a coffee station by the coffee pot

  72. Love this, Debbie! You set them all up so perfectly! 🙂

  73. I’d probably use it for fruit in the kitchen but maybe as a catchall by the front door for keys, mail, and such.

  74. Love this! I would use it in my sewing room to hold all my sewing notions close at hand.

  75. I love your idea of using it at a coffee station. I just finished refinishing my cabinet that i use for mine and I would use your stand to display K-cups!

  76. I would use the 3 tiered stand in my bathroom to hold hand towels and other bathroom necessities!

  77. I could see myself changing it up for the seasons, definitely, but I also would use it for displaying food at our ladies’ coffees. It is so versatile!

  78. Oh my stars!! Love LOVE love the room decor! Soo happy I stumbled upon your site!! I can’t wait to devour each post!!!

  79. Love multi=tiered stands!

  80. I would use it as a coffee station.

  81. I would display this beautiful stand in my kitchen for seasonal decorating.

  82. This is soooo beautiful! 😀

  83. I have always wanted one of these to use for a drink station in my kitchen.

  84. I would use the stand to set up seasonal beverage bars in my kitchen such as an apple cider bar for the Fall, a hot chocolate bar for the Winter, a lemonade bar for Summer, etc. Each tier could hold a couple of festive mugs, ingredients for the beverages, a chalkboard sign announcing the season’s bar and fun knick-knack to compliment the season!

    Thank you for the opportunity to enter your contest!


  85. I would use it every day to display decor!!!

  86. I would use this in my craft room or to serve food at a gathering. Love your ideas!

  87. Best of luck to everyone !! Love ❤️ the stand and all the ways I can use it.

  88. I would put on my table for fresh fruit and veggies!! Thanks for the opportunity to win it.

  89. I would use it for fruit- I love that idea!!

  90. Thanks for the giveaway!! I would also use for displaying fruit – tough to get the kiddos to eat fresh fruit unless it’s right in front of them!

  91. So many different ways I could use this. I can see it on my antique Hoosier cabinet.

  92. Christmas open house – for cookies!

  93. Thanks to all you ladies for sharing your amazing talents and ideas … like you I love everything galvanized. Love the three tier stands but most our too expensive. Would love to use just about anywhere in my home … so many uses. Thanks again for the chance to WIN!

  94. Love the stand. Great for fall decorating.

  95. Pick me! I love this stand and love how you use it!

  96. What wouldn’t I use it for?? Love it so much and would display so many beautiful things in my dining room. Thanks for the chance to win!

  97. Would use this stand for either a hot choc station or herbal tea station

  98. Definitely Craft Room supplies

  99. this would be so cute for breakfast with the upcoming holidays. A galvanized breakfast to start the day! love the napkin addition from Mary above. everyone has such great ideas!

  100. Would love this for my kitchen

  101. Tiered stands are the great love of my life! You can use them for EVERYTHING!!! Great ideas here

  102. I would put vintage coffee cups, sugar and creamer, some cute napkins. Love it.

  103. I have wanted one of these since the very first time I saw one! In my kitchen or craft room~so many options! And this one is beautiful!
    Thanks for the chance to win one!

  104. I collect ironstone and I can just see putting this on the dining room table with various small pitchers and then putting in fall flowers, leaves, and small pumpkins and gourds in and around them. And then later…the holidays….my holiday cookies would look so great displayed on this!

  105. I would decorate the stand for each holiday and season! I love the wooden handle at the top!

  106. My first use would be as a Thanksgiving arrangement with mini pumpkins and seasonal color. I’d redecorate each holiday as it would find a permanent home in my kitchen on my island.

  107. Love this tray! Thanks for the giveaway!

  108. I would use this stand for entertaining! I would put appetizers or desserts in it when I have guests over.

  109. I would use the tiered stand in my kitchen coffee station!

  110. In my kitchen to serve dessert!

  111. Hi there! Found you from Nancy @ Artsy Chicks Rule. Wow, SO glad I subscribed, thanks for the pop-up which made it easy. That said, this stand will look fabulous with sewing supplies covering it. Maybe several fat quarters of fabric to add even more color. 🙂 Thanks so much and nice to “meet” you!

  112. you had me at cupcakes baby, i love the look of the apples though, so cute and versatile!!!

  113. It is so cute, I think I’s use it for fruit.

  114. Love the three tiered galvanized stand! I can see it being changed out monthly for the season or holiday but I think it would use it with little chickens/roosters and eggs or birds and nest with eggs! Thank you for sharing and the opportunity to win it!

  115. The 3 Tier Galvanized stand is amazing! I would use it for fruit, or nuts for the Holidays and after I would put stuff to make coffee in it!

  116. Gosh there are so many ways to use this! I just moved across country from No. CA, to Smyrna, TN…….I’m thinking I’ll be putting apples in there and some tea cups, perhaps some of my rock collection….Thanks for the opportunity.

  117. Love that handle on the galvanized tiers! I’d use it as. Both as seasonal display/ snack station…….. But I’m selfish. I’d put it in my craft space. There’s really no way to say fall in there and if it can do that, hold my coffee cup and my chocolate cookies. Done deal.

  118. Lisa Kissner Cooper

    I could use this cake tier for displaying my cork collection, seasonal decor, fruit, candy or even, cake! So cute!

  119. I love it! Honestly, this would be such a sweet container for some of my craft supplies. Decorative and practical!!! Be blessed…

  120. Love the tiered stand. Would set it on my kitchen island and use as fruit stand or it just might go in my craft room for me to use.
    Thank you for this giveaway opportunity

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