A Beach Sign

Create your own Beach Sign or any sign.

This DIY is easy!

Do people still say that?

Here’s My Sign?

Fifty years ago (or maybe last year) I went to a yard sale.

I saw five shelves leaning, how much?

One dollar, each? no for all.

I’ll take them :)

I printed off the word, in a font that I love.

I measured and taped it down.

I traced the outer edge of each letter.

Removed the paper, I painted between the lines.

Two coats.

Sanded the letters.

I coated the board with a matte poly,

added a hanger on the back and

thought about the beach.

It was easy, you can do it!

How to Make you Own Signs

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  1. Linda@Coastal Charm says

    CUTE sign my friend! We cut a lot of wood today for some sings, so thanks for the info.


  2. says

    That is a fun sign. Especially since I woke up to snow this morning. ahh I am impressed with the free hand painting. I would even have a hard time staying in the lines. Enjoy the sign and now I am going to dream of the beach.

  3. says

    Love this sign. I think I bought some things at a yard sale 50 years ago (or really last year too) that I haven’t gotten around to redoing yet. Thanks for the inspiration.


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