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A Beach Sign

Create your own Beach Sign or any sign.

This DIY is easy!

Do people still say that?

Here’s My Sign?

Fifty years ago (or maybe last year) I went to a yard sale.

I saw five shelves leaning, how much?

One dollar, each? no for all.

I’ll take them 🙂

I printed off the word, in a font that I love.

I measured and taped it down.

I traced the outer edge of each letter.

Removed the paper, I painted between the lines.

Two coats.

Sanded the letters.

I coated the board with a matte poly,

added a hanger on the back and

thought about the beach.

It was easy, you can do it!

How to Make you Own Signs

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  1. Love, love, love it! What an easy way to make a sign too! I usually go through the pain in the tail of using my Cricut…which uses my vinyl…thanks for the info!


  2. so cute!! I wish it were summer.

  3. Girl – you had me at easy! That’s my kind of project!
    Now, I’m dreaming of the beach!

  4. Very cute, Debbie. I like the font you used.

  5. It’s perfect, Debbie! Can’t believe you scored all that wood for a dollar. 🙂

  6. That is such a great sign, Debbie! You did a nice job on it!

  7. No, i don’t think people still say that, but we all want to go to the Beach. (BTW- was that jeff foxworthy?) Cute “beachy”sign!

  8. Debbie, you did a great job. It looks great.

  9. Linda@Coastal Charm

    CUTE sign my friend! We cut a lot of wood today for some sings, so thanks for the info.


  10. Nice job Deb! I love the weathered look of the wood too.

  11. Well there’s my sign…… I need a sign.


    (how did you get it to trace on to the wood?)

  12. That is a fun sign. Especially since I woke up to snow this morning. ahh I am impressed with the free hand painting. I would even have a hard time staying in the lines. Enjoy the sign and now I am going to dream of the beach.

  13. Perfect for the season! I love the sea-worn feel to it. Have a great day today Debbie!

  14. Love this sign. I think I bought some things at a yard sale 50 years ago (or really last year too) that I haven’t gotten around to redoing yet. Thanks for the inspiration.

  15. Love it! I might just have to borrow this idea!!! Blessings, Tammy

  16. I’m over from At the Picket Fence and am so happy to be following! I’m looking forward to getting to know you and your blog!

  17. Lovely! A sneak preview of a sign with a little bit of distressing will make me stop by someone’s blog any day : )

  18. Now why didn’t I think of that? What a clever EASY idea! Love it! Great job!

  19. So very cute! I need to try making signs this way.

  20. Very awesome, easy tutorial! I have a few signs I want to make so I will be putting this into use! Thanks!!

  21. Did you use a hand sander or a vibrating power sander on the letters? What grit?

  22. Thank you for the tutorial. Love the sign. What is the font? I adore it too!!

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