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Coral Oops :)

It’s not pink, it’s not orange

it’s perfect.

And guess where I found it!

Wal-Mart, yes in the mistinted area.

When I saw the dot on the lid I got excited.

I did take it over and let the guy open it to make sure 🙂

I had this little pine stool, just begging for a fun color!

I distressed it, coated it with a matte poly.

It looks so happy!

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  1. It’s such a lovely happy color! I found you on Miss Mustard Seed and I’m now a linky follower; I would appreciate if you could follow me back. Tx

  2. What a GREAT color! Lucky find! I’ve been loving coral lately and your little stool (and toes!) are just too cute!

  3. That is such a cheery, vibrant colour!

  4. I adore that color! I tried to paint my guest room coral but after too many wrong tones I gave up. That color looks amazing, can’t believe it was an “oops”.

    btw- My favorite toe polish color is essie’s Carousel Coral, so when not covered in spray paint (like today) my toes match your stool:)


  5. Someone’s oops is another one’s pleasure! LOL
    It is such a pretty color…the little stool looks so lively!

  6. My toes usually have the same color on them as well, only it is usually paint not nail polish. You must love that color. Cool!!

  7. It’s Porange!

    I love it – and I have a similar shade on my toesies too!

  8. love it, also lovin that big basket it’s sitting on. I want to see a shot of that.

  9. Debbie, I’m lovin’ this…it’s funny how the smallest projects turn out to be the best!

  10. You know the old saying…… happy toes make for happy little benches.


  11. It looks very happy! Such a pretty color!

  12. Just realized that I misspelled “toenails!” Silly me!

  13. What a great color! We have matching tonails, too!

  14. Love your OOPS! Our Walmart has the Yuckiest Oops colors. Or they aren’t marked. I’ll have to check out some coral paint chips now though… Great little stool!

  15. So cute! The color is perfect! What luck…..

  16. oh my goodness what a perfect color!!! I LOVE it! And I love that you found it at Walmart in the mistinted area…. so so so NOT mistinted in my opinion! 🙂 Hope you are having a great day!

  17. The color is perfect for this cute little stool! Thanks for the inspiration!


  18. I LOVE this color…Now I am on a mission to find a color like that..I have just the piece for it too…
    It turned out wonderful.

  19. And my hubby didn’t understand why I walk past that section every time I go to a place that sells paint… until I found the exact color we had been wanting for our daughter’s br right there at like 60% off.lol I love that coral and actually have nail polish that color too. It’s my go to happy color. I’ve been known to pop it on my toes in January and just knowing it’s there is a little pick me up! ;D

  20. It does look so happy Debbie!LOVE it.

  21. In TN we call that UT orange. Its pretty.

  22. I absolutely ADORE this color! I actually wear it a lot. (Not by painting myself, though. That’s a little too “James Bond-y” for me.) It looks great!

  23. Debbie,

    I love that color! Perfect! (and I would paint my toes with it….hee hee)!


  24. Debbie,
    Don’t you just love finding something that wasn’t up to someone else’s expectations but the item exceeds your own? I love the shade and your sweet stool. It makes me smile!
    Your Friend,

  25. It’s so sunny and happy! Love it Debbie =)

  26. Sure, you didn’t run out and get that fabulous color with your pedicure!! 🙂 Ever since I decided to use coral in my office I am obsessed with it!!

  27. Oh, Debbie…it is so cheerful! How lucky are you to have found that deal?


  28. Coral is my very favorite color for summer time! My go-to nail color is Cajun Shrimp by OPI…I may have to get it colormatched to real paint and do a piece with it. The stool looks great 🙂

  29. Makes me happy too! 🙂

  30. Cute Oops!!! What a lucky find 🙂

  31. SO happy! I must remember to check those oops paint colors! 🙂

  32. How very cute! I love it, and I love how you coordinated your pedicure to match!

  33. You can’t help but smile when you look at the happy color. Nice toes too!

  34. It does look so happy! I love coral and navy together! I need this color in a pair of skinny jeans, that fit my big hind end and short legs and make me look slim and trim. Can you show me how to do that? ; ) Love, Me

  35. You know I have a serious love for coral when my toes are coral, my sandals, my master bedroom nightstands and a sweater too. LOVE the cute little stool and what a great mistint find! Hope you are having a great week!

  36. That color makes me seriously happy! Adorable …



  37. you know i am on a coral rampage right now, so i LOOOOOVE it. can you give it a hug from me. thanks.

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