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Chair Makeover

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I’ve seen several folding chairs lately, you know when I keep seeing things, I want them.

I finally found one at Habitat Restore! I was so excited.

My friend Kim from Today Is My Someday  had a red one in her booth at Two Women and a Warehouse.

Not so glamourous, but sturdy 😉

If these slats could talk, I bet they’d have a story to tell!

I sanded it down and painted it with a flat Glidden Paint with primer.

It was a quart size that I bought to test the color for my living room walls.

After it dried, I roughed it up a little, dry brushed with a beige paint and

gave it a coat of flat poly.

I had all the paint out, so I painted this shelf too.

You know how it is, when you have a wet brush in your hand,

or maybe it’s just me,

I start looking around to see if anything else needs a coat.

The chair and shelf look fresh,

the Knock Out Rose made the chair look even better!

Have you been walking around with a wet paint brush?

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    37 thoughts on “Chair Makeover”

    1. I just 4 of these and was going to sand them and restain them…until I saw this!

      What did you use to rough them up and what technique did you use?

      Gorgeous! Thanks for the inspiration!

    2. Debbie,
      Love the chair~it turned out great. I often wonder about old items that I buy~what their history is.
      BTW-I nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award today. When you get a chance please stop by my blog to read about it.

    3. Your chair and shelf look great after you refreshed them. I have a chair like that and have found it to be very sturdy and is so convenient to use in many situations. Your roses are a beautiful background for your photo.—— Shannon

    4. I had a bamboo chair very similar that I picked up on the side of the road – I’m guessing someone didn’t sell it at a yard sale but wanted it gone. I’ve had it here for the longest time but not sure what to do with it. After seeing your transformation I’m convinced it’s what I should do to mine too. Thanks for all the support you throw our way, you are seriously Wonder Woman!

    5. What a knockout next to those knockout roses!

      It’s the perfect little garden chair.

      I haven’t walked around any wet paintbrushes lately but went to friends house who is an artist and rubbed against one of her wet paintings and my poor black leather boots – they look like a bright abstract!

    6. There is something special about ordinary things with a long life. I just imagine the things they have seen and done. Like those old chairs. Meeting halls? parties? even Church services? What have they been a part of? So cool that people find places of honor for them!

    7. Debbie,
      Your vintage folding char looks great in its new ‘coat’! Your roses are gorgeous. The paint brush in my hand is for {drum roll} molding and walls. The ‘fun’ seems never-ending!
      Your Friend,

    8. Love the way your chair came out! Yes, I do have a wet paint brush…it is wrapped in plastic wrap at the moment! I started painting stuff about 2 weeks ago….can’t stop! Hehe!

    9. I do know! I do that all the time… next thing I know, I have touched up all the doors, trim, etc… and I find myself working my way down the stairs! Glad it’s not only me 😉

      The chair is darling and my DEER would love your roses =) LOL!!!!

    10. It looks great Debbie! I love those slat chairs. I’ve been looking for another one- even though the red one is still spicing up my booth 🙂 You are so right about the wet paint brush. Just look for any and everything you can find that needs another layer while the brush is wet!

    11. Your chair has come to life! I have that same one in about the same condition and now I know how good it will look when I refinish it like you did. Thanks for posting! And yes, being a decorative painter I have been known to walk around with one brush in hand and one sticking out from my mouth while searching for something else to paint!

    12. Love your chair makeover!

      Yes, I hope to be walking around with a wet paintbrush this afternoon. I am going to be painting parts of my garage wall – I wanted a blue and a pink backdrop for some of my photographs for my blog, so I’m going to tape off part of the wall in the garage, and go to town with a paint brush.

      Have a wonderful weekend!


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