I have been wanting to try to make a sign, so I did!  What do you think??  I tossed around different ideas on how to do it, and I settled on using a pencil, stencil and acrylic craft paint.  Now what’s my word???  Thinking….Cupcakes, it is.  Do I distress it, how do I highlight the letters, do I glaze it when I’m finished??  No to some, yes to others.  After painting, I decided just to highlight the letters a bit, and leave it alone.  I like that it stands out, and I know a creative baker, blond and beautiful, that needs this!  I will do this again, and I have a few words in mind!

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  1. 1
    Beth Bonnette says:

    I LOVE THIS …. it turned out GREAT

  2. 2

    It’s darling! I go thru those decisions (indecisions, maybe?) every. single. day! I drive myself nuts, but as Hubs says “it’s a short drive!”

    You might like this little cupcake tutorial (uber easy)

    Hope you’ll drop by this weekend and share this @ Passion for Paint!

  3. 3
    Lynda says:

    That is so cute! Isn’t it funny how we just fly by the seat of our pants when we decide to do something creative…the inspiration comes step by step or not!! Good job and thanks for your comment on my little bitty blog!

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