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Deck Revisit

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It’s been a great weekend!  I’m glad that I was able to work outside, since I’m waking up to a rainy Monday.  Seems like it’s been a long winter, but doesn’t it always?  Complaining about the weather is what we do!  Hopefully these pictures will inspire you, warm you, move you…

What are these still doing out there??

The end of January, and these are still hanging on the trellis, whoops.

Deck Before

Needs to be freshend up!

I love the color of the sunbleached hydrangeas.  I bought the bird plate at Hobby Lobby, the rest of the stuff I had.  Just moved it around, that always makes for a inexpensive make over.

I burlaped a few candles and there’s that Hobby Lobby plate (it’s plastic, pretty and 40% off).  Replaced the beloved Christmas wreaths, with some art from Lowe’s (they are designed for outdoor use and they have been outside for a couple of years).  I’ll be back later, I’m going in here to enjoy some of the pie that I made yesterday, Thanks Mama for the wonderful recipe!

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