Fancy Little Desserts

Sometimes when you’re having friends over to eat.  You want everything to be perfect and beautiful and you get all nervous because you have to cook the meal, sweep the floor, wash the dog…or whatever.  You just don’t have time to spend all day preparing the meal and the dessert.  I’m sure you’ve had those kind of daysHere’s an Idea for YOU!

My solution for fancy little desserts consists of some kind of cake, pudding, fruit, cool whip and my Goodwill dessert bowls.  You can use any dish you want.  I like using something clear, cheap and sparkly.  It makes a great presentation.

When you come sashaying back to the table, with a tray full of these, you’re going to get some kind of reaction.

Like, oh my goodness!  Those look so pretty!

and delicious!

This is just me being practical.

What do you do in times like these?

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