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Goals for 2012

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I saw a challenge last year at Everyday Lovely, it was 40 Bags In 40 Days—her goal was to get rid of—you guessed—40 Bags In 40 Days.  Well what I’ve challenged myself to do is finish projects, declutter, organize, sanitize, defunkinize 2 rooms per month.  I’m slow, easily distracted, like surfing the net too much.  You get the picture!  But I have hope and I have you, so please email me, facebook me, tweet me, google+ me and ask me how I’m doing?  Please, I beg you to!

I have a long winding path to get to where I want to be.

Projects to complete:  Suitcases that I want to paint, and a long list of other things.

Drawers full of unrelated items, that need a new home.  A place where I can find what I need.

Baskets filled with who knows what??  And what is that little light doing under there?

Stuff under this pretty buffet, books, old bottles, gold pictures begging for a new print…

A dark scary closet, with wrapping paper, mirrors, metal thingies, coats…

junk mail, bills, a plastic scraper, blue tape…

newspapers, magazines, tons to recycle!

I can do this!  Here’s to reFreshing my home in 2012 🙂


What plans do you have??

Rosy Outlook for 2012

    14 thoughts on “Goals for 2012”

    1. I am with ya girl….your closet looks like mine, your basket, ditto! I have some serious re-organizing to do too. I try not to set goals though, I just wake up and do it! I do not want to disappoint myself by not meeting them.

    2. Sounds like a lovely plan 🙂 I’m of the same mind – time to refresh and reorganize. Though I’ll need to move a bit more quickly through the rooms if I’m to be ready for some big change this summer…

    3. Came over for the whole article!! I have been debating showing you all my “spare room” LOL!!!!!!!!!!! The only thing it’s spare on is a walking path. It’s just un managable. In 2012 I will be working on that, getting fit and paper control. So much junk and paper that has to be managed. My least fav. Double yuck!! We’ll have to devise a plan 😉 Shan

    4. 40 bags? What size? I couldn’t get rid of 40 trash bags-no way!
      I have been decluttering for months, and find that if I do it gradually
      it’s less painful.
      If I held onto something my 1st time, then I come back and review if
      I really need it or not. And often get rid of it on the second round.
      Good luck!

    5. My goodness…you have some awesome ideas for the new year…I need to do some of the same things. I plan on only being around positive people and try to stay far away from people who upset me…wish me luck.


    6. I try to use FlyLady and my timer is my best friend!! If I know I only have to really toss and organize for 15 minutes, I am okay with that! I used to be very organized, but when my husband and I both lost our jobs a couple of years ago, I got so depressed I just let it all go! Now am trying to regroup! I like the 40 sacks in 40 days!! Sounds doable, (agreeing with ButtonBird!)… good luck and I love your site!

    7. Wowwwwwwwe 40 bags in forty days!?!?!? I think I am more your sped!! Two rooms a month sounds doable!!! Good luck!!

    8. Susan Priestly paper control idea—call the local Fire Department and get a fire permit and burn away!!! Don’t keep anything after 7 years. It’s over. Was going to buy one of those as seen on tv control for paper organizational tools, but there was none left. Keep a garbage can (recycle bin) near your front door, sort your mail right there on the spot!!!! Happy New Year! (this is from FB)

    9. I am a very organized person by nature but even I have to work at it. Here is my best action plan – I schedule the time just like anything else. I happen to use Outlook but any calendar/appointment system will help you keep on track. I decide the time frame needed and put it on my calendar so I don’t schedule anything to conflict. I work best in the mornings so I always start then. But here is the REAL secret – I have found that the one thing that keeps me from getting my planned work accomplished is not having on hand something I need to finish the job. So I ALSO schedule a “review of the plan” 1 or 2 days before each project time-frame to make sure I have everything with enough time before the work session to go get any needed supplies. Since you have a plan to accomplish a lot – you might want to consider making a set time each week for your planning session and again for your work session. The advantage to that is you can share it with your family and friends so they can support you in keeping on schedule – maybe even volunteering to help!!!!

    10. not really a tip….I say burn it all…hee hee…:) at least thats what I want to do with it all. Hubby rips thru any junk mail as soon as it comes thru the door. Otherwise we have a bill pile. a catalog pile and the kids papers get looked at and hung up and anything not needed gets recycled…


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