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Feathers in Your Fall Decor

Fall Feathers

Feathers on a roll…

Fall Feathers

Feathers in a wreath…

Fall Feathers

Feathers in a vase…

Fall Feathers

Fall Feathers

Feathers on the table…

Fall Feathers

Fall Feathers

Fall Feathers

Feathers in a metal container…

Fall Feathers

Feathers in a cone…

Fall Feathers

for more details on these ideas~click here

where are your feathers?

Use a few feathers in your fall decor!

be.refreshed :)


Crafty Scrappy Happy, Whipperberry

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  1. I Love feathers..I have a aspen vase..and it is full of feathers nothing but feathers….

  2. Ordered my feathers last week and will get them tomorrow. I’m using them for thanksgiving and Christmas decor this year! I’m so excited!

  3. Gorgeous! Every single way you used those feathers is absolutely incredible Debbie! :-)

  4. Apparently.. they are all at YOUR house :) Love the pretty ideas. Now, I need some feathers!!

  5. These are all really cute ideas. Now I need to go get some feathers!

  6. I have head people say that “birds of feathers flock together”… :) Lovely use of feathers!

  7. Everythings looks so pretty!! I used some fall colored feathers in my fall yarn wreath that hangs over my mantel. Love them!! Hugs, Shelly

  8. love love love all the feathers!

  9. Now one time I had a kid that was trick or treating as Big Bird and they took a nasty tumble. So at my house it’s a little Fall in your feathers.


  10. Haha! Cute! My feather? Where did you get yours? That’s where mine are… 😀
    Really Debbie…I now live where I must drive to find these things…I’d love to know. 😀

  11. Feathers in a door bucket. :-) Fun post, Debbie!
    xo Heidi

  12. awhhh I LOVE feathers. ADORE them. They are everywhere in my fall decor. Thank goodness I have a father-in-law that loves to hunt!!! :) AND I have to say I am SO honored that you linked up! Thanks friend!

  13. Those pheasant feathers are just so gorgeous…it did remind me of Jaime’s decor…just love it ! xo

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