Drop Cloth – The other Fabric of Choice!

It has great strength, great texture, great price in fact I have only great opinions of well, you guessed it a painters drop cloth! You can buy them at dollar stores, Wal*Mart, hardware stores…just about anywhere. Throw them in the washing machine, bleach them if you like, dry them with a little bounce and you’ve great a sweet smelling, soft, perfect large piece of fabric. My mind is so full of ideas for the magical drop cloth, but here’s my first project:
painted drop cloth pillows

Washed and ready!

painted drop cloth pillows

Use a stencil, painters tape and pencil to create your art.

painted drop cloth pillows

painted drop cloth pillows

Choose a paint to match your decor.

painted drop cloth pillows

Any word is good!

painted drop cloth pillows

Some words are better!

painted drop cloth pillows

If you run out of words, just tape up some meaningless stripes!

painted drop cloth pillows

Place them in a desired location.  They’re going to love it here! :)

painted drop cloth pillows

Or they might love it better over here!

I’ll be over at Blue Cricket Design!

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  1. Lois Amos says

    Love all of it you are getting better all time, I have to find me some drop cloth and try that.( Just Love It!

  2. says

    I am dying to get some drop cloth and try this! I don’t know what I’ve been waiting for! Love your pillows! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! Hope you get to come visit again soon!

    • says

      I love your table runner, I would need a “W” on mine also!! And curtains too! I’ll be checking back to see what else you create! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. says

    Debbie these are just fantastic! I gotta tell you that as I scrolled through the links at the party your thumbnail just popped off the page! No surprise as your photos are always so gorgeous as are the subject matter. :-) I love the colors and how bright and cheerful everything is. Thanks so much for sharing them at the Block Party!

  4. says

    Love this idea. It caught my eye with the Auburn pillow. (My husband got his MBA from Auburn.) I think I will have to make a Georgia pillow instead for me for UGA! Anyway this is so creative just love it!

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