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Valentine’s Day Kisses {free printables}

Valentine kisses, enough said!  Milk chocolate kisses are my favorite, small but full of goodness.

The Valentine’s Day Kisses printables are perfect for gift giving at Valentine’s Day parties!

Valentine's Day Kisses printables are perfect for gift giving

 I bought little clear resealable bags at Hobby Lobby.  Just in case you can’t find them, you can make your own with wax paper.

Valentine's Day Kisses printables are perfect for gift giving Wax paper treat bagsStep 1.  Cut the wax paper 8″ x 3 1/2″

Step 2.  Fold in half

Step 3. Use washi tape to secure the sides, trim if needed.

Valentine Kisses 2

 Print the tags, cut and fold in half.

Valentine's Day Kisses printables are perfect for gift givingAdd your Valentine’s day kisses.

Valentine Kisses 7

Staple your folded cards over the top.

Get your sheet of  FREE printables here.  Download, print, fold in half :)

kisses - printables

Kisses for you! 

Pin it and Print it!

Valentine Kisses Bag Toppers - free

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I can say that Kisses, Valentine’s Day Kisses or any time kisses are my favorite! They should have their own food group! The perfect amount of chocolate wrapped perfectly…just unwrap and pop in your mouth!

Valentine’s Day Kisses printables are perfect for gift giving!

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  1. kisses back at ya!! Love the idea of using wax paper. who knew???

  2. Love this! Cute printable!

  3. So much fun! Who doesn’t love chocolate on Valentine’s day? Or any day… 😉

  4. Aw, how sweet! Thanks for the printables, this would make a great classroom gift!

  5. So cute! Think I’ll do this for my class. :) Thanks, Debbie ~ xo Heidi

  6. Oh how stinkin cute Deb! I heart Valentines day:)

  7. You shouldn’t have – but I do love chocolate!

  8. Gotta love 15 min crafts. These are so cute Debbie. I would have never thought about using waxed paper and washi tape to make my own bags. Great idea!

    Hugs…Tracy @ CPC

  9. mmmm…I love chocolate more than…dare I say it? More than decorating! lol

  10. These are so sweet and fun, Debbie! Love those printables too. Is there anything better than a Hershey’s Kiss?? Pinned. xo

  11. Thank You…I am making them today of the game. Yum…

  12. This could not be cuter! And thanks for sharing the wax paper alternative. I love it when I don’t have to buy anything new.

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