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White Spray Paint



Here’s the after:

Here’s the before:

What do you think?  Isn’t it cute!  When I saw it sitting there, I just knew that she was coming home with me 🙂

I cleaned her up, primed and painted with a flat white.  

I added some Christmas sparkle and a bow.  I’m loving the greens, blues and naturals this year, did you see my pinecones?

I can see her sitting beside the fireplace.

She’d look great as a centerpiece on a large table!

Placed outside the front door.

She’s waiting for you at the store 🙂  And she’d look great anywhere!  

Where were you put her?

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  1. You are so stinkin creative, Debbie! I would have never thought of that in a million years…LOVE it!

  2. Oh I just LOVE this! I have the perfect place for it….but it’ll get gone before I get there.

  3. I absolutely LOVE this! I have been insisting we keep moving my childhood tricycle with us and my husband just keeps looking at me with this confused look as he keeps finding space for it in the back of the garage or storage unit over the years. I keep telling him I’ll know what to do with it when the time comes. FINALLY I have something adorable to do with it. Thank you so much! How much of the rust did you have to remove before painting it? What did you use to prepare it for painting? This will be such a nice addition to our decor and a sweet memory for me. We just moved into our current home so it is perfect timing.

  4. Fabulous idea! This is so cute Debbie way to go!

  5. super cute! always love a decorated tricycle or bike!

  6. This is genius!!! Debbie it’s darling. I could see that by a fireplace 🙂 SOOOOoooo cute!!

  7. That is a fantastic makeover. Spray paint is really quite amazing!

  8. Pure genius and so unbelievably cute! Totally makes me wish I hadn’t just thrown away Landon’s little Radio Flyer trike because the seat was broken. Darn it! 😉

  9. So stinking cute, really nice job

  10. That is beyond cute! I’d put on the hearth so I could sit and gaze at her all day long, but she’d be adorable by the front door! Love it!

  11. great idea! Love the way it came out!

  12. That is so darn cute! You are so clever, Debbie Fresh!

  13. Where would I put it?? Anywhere!! Everywhere. But I am thinking ti would look wonderful on my dining room table! How stinking cute is that?! Thanks for sharing Debbie.
    Cheers, Gee

  14. Oh Debbie always working on something fun!!! Love this!

  15. Super duper cute! Such a great idea. It could even be used for outside with a plant on the seat. I would put it on my front porch for sure at Christmas!

  16. What a fun find and what a great way to decorate for Christmas. I kind of want this tricycle under my Christmas tree this year 🙂

  17. Just stunning, Debbie! Now I regret getting rid of my son’s Radio Flyer retro tricycle!

  18. Just love it! How very creative of you! Beautiful

  19. Love white spray paint, it covers a multitude of sins! The tricycle is so cute!

  20. Oh my flipping goodness this is wonderful!! You are right, white spray paint is SO awesome!!!

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