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2, 4…6, 8 Who do I appreciate!

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The resent door decor contest over at Inspired By Charm was quiet a whirlwind! I came in second, the other wreath had me by 2 votes! It was still a win for me!  One for being nominated to begin with and two, because I had so many people helping, cheering, begging (voting) for me!!!  My fans are the best and I would love to offer a Door Decor for one of you!  To be eligible you must have voted for me!!! There are at least 3 possible ways to enter:

1.  Make a comment on this post (please mention that you voted for me).

2.  Follow my blog, by entering your email in the Feedburner area on the right.

3.  Follow reFreshreStyle on Facebook, just search for it and hit the Like button.

I will randomly choose a winner by Friday, March 25th @ 10 am (est)!  I will then contact you and discuss the colors!

The results:

Please  check out Inspired by Charm blog, it’s great!  I know you all were just going over there to vote, and there is more to see!  He was a wonderful contest host, the excitement seemed to never end!

I really appreciate everyone!

    28 thoughts on “2, 4…6, 8 Who do I appreciate!”

    1. Debbie, loved the wreath!! It was vibrant with color just like Spring!! I thought yours was the best…keep creating!!

    2. Deb, You know I voted for you……I love your taste in styles and colors! Keep up the good work!!! Look forward to seeing more of your creations!!! 🙂

    3. I did vote for you. I would love to win the Door Decor especially since we’re getting new siding and gutters next week!!! In my mind, you should definitely have won!!

    4. The wreath looks Great in the picture and even better in person. I am so lucky to see it every day. Brightens our little corner of the neighborhood. You inspire everyone around you. You did and always will have my vote.


    5. I think that you that door hanger is the MOST SPECTACULAR arrangment I’ve seen and it would look great on my door!!!

    6. well, i voted for you. & i don’t want one of these spring baskets, because my door is weird, but i just thought i was gone let you know that i love you, and i voted for you and you’re a winner to the family. 🙂
      -now, guess who i am.


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