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Add Summer Blooming Plants to your Garden

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I’m excited to share this makeover with you!

How to Add Summer Blooming Plants to Your Garden:

Foxgloves, Lavender and Rose of Sharon are great for adding color

The before picture is something that I have looked at every day for way too long! I walk out on the deck look down and that’s what I see!

And I’m guessing it’s what my neighbors see too! I can’t imagine what they think of me 😉

Red dirt, a rock, weeds…Nice right?

I prioritize my projects by the “I can’t stand it anymore” method. That’s what you do when you have so many projects, the ugly ones get done first.

Walking around in the yard with Murphy, drinking my coffee…looking a that red dirt, weed eyesore, I proclaimed right then and there…no more! Finished my coffee, jumped in the Venza and headed to Lowe’s, there were several Monrovia plants that caught my eye.

The only plan I had in mind was not to look at that bare spot anymore…that was until I spied this…

Add Dalmatian Purple foxglove to your summer garden with Monrovia plants
Dalmatian Purple Foxglove

Love at first sight, this Dalmatian Purple Foxglove was the first plant in the cart.

  • cold hardy
  • flowers the first year
  • attracts humming birds – I give it bonus points for this one.
Rose of Sharon are the perfect summer flowers to add to your garden.
Rose of Sharon

The Rose of Sharon…these remind me of my Grandma. She loved flowering plants. 

  • Abundant Summer Flowering Monrovia plants
  • Full Sun
  • Deep Green Foliage
Lavender and Foxglove add colorful blooms in my summer garden
Silver Anouk Lavender

The Silver Anouk Lavender…

  • Heat and Drought Tolerant – hey I live in Georgia
  • Spring and Summer Flowers
  • Great for cutting and drying, Easy to grow!

How to add summer blooms.

Rose of Sharon is a beautiful flowering shrub with nearly continuous flowering.

It didn’t take long at all to totally refresh this corner of my garden.

How to add color in your garden with summer blooms

Here’s how transformed my garden with the plants I picked out:

  1. Pulled weeds.
  2. Dug holes – 2 times the width of the container
  3. Added potting soil to the holes.
  4. Removed the plants from the pots and loosened the roots.
  5. Planted the beautiful Monrovia plants, available at Lowe’s and other home centers.
  6. Water soil to settle.
  7. Added pine straw mulch.
  8. Added a rusty orb and a few rocks, for interest.

Gardening and maintaining healthy and aesthetically pleasing green spaces can be quite easy, if you follow a few basic principles.

Add color to a corner of you garden with Rose of Sharon

A little corner in the garden filled with color, Rose of Sharon and Foxglove
How to add summer blooms to your garden

I’m happy, the neighbors are happy…


    8 thoughts on “Add Summer Blooming Plants to your Garden”

    1. Your outdoor space looks so pretty! I love the plants that you choose and seeing your Foxglove reminds me that I’ve been meaning to buy a few for my own garden. I have a deer problem and Foxglove is deer resistant making it a real winner for me.

    2. Debbie, that looks so nice. At least you just have one bad spot. Our whole backyard is nothing but weeds. I am hoping hubby does something about it this summer, but sod is going to cost a fortune. It’s always something.

    3. So very pretty. I love how that purple pops off the green. We have visitors every single day that would devour these unfortunately..they eat everything.


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