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Bedding & Bath Refresh

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When was the last time you replaced your bedding and towels? It feels great to start fresh, what a wonderful treat for yourself, replacing my bedding and bath towels was such an easy way to refresh my space.  

Bedding & Bath refresh - affordable ideas with neutrals

I’m a brand ambassador for Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart this month I’m sharing my bedding & bath refresh ideas with you. I will be adding my affiliate links after each item for your convenience. 

Honestly, I can’t remember the last time I bought new bedding and towels. There’s no better time than now to treat yourself with the freshness they bring. I read somewhere that you sleep over 2,000 hours a year, that’s a lot of time on old sheets! I don’t know if I really get that much sleep but I thought it was time to invest in myself.


Before the bed looked unfinished. A comforter with no duvet cover, just the bare necessities. A room with no personality. 

before bedding refresh - punch it up with new bedding

Bedding before after - an affordable makeover

Here’s what I did:

  1. Remove bedding.
  2. Washed/dry comforter and pillows (I did not replace these).
  3. Wash/dry new sheets, duvet, pillow cases.

The room now has color and style. I kept it neutral with the black and white. The duvet came with two pillow shams. If I want to introduce a different color it will be a simple change. 

Bedding Sheets Pillow Covers - Farmhouse style duvet

Here’s a close up of the linen blend sheets, I love them!

LINEN sheets - affordable linen blend

Euro shams with black and white bedding


STriped bedding - blue euro shams for an updated bedroom I love the stripes on the duvet, it reminds of mattress ticking. It fits my farmhouse style perfectly. The duvet and shams have ties, the duvet has buttons for the closure and the ties are decorative.

When I walk in to the room now the space feels finished. It’s important to take care of our personal spaces just like we would the public areas of the house. Getting out of the bed each morning and making the bed is my first accomplishment of the day. I start out on a positive note after a relaxing sleep.

Making the bed was so simply, watch my video:



Murphy on the new bedding - quick bedding refresh with ticking strip duvet and blue euro shams. Our bedding was pretty basic before, I wanted to add style and luxury with the bedding that I chose.


Items used, click photos to view more details:

Better Homes & Gardens Striped Duvet:

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Better Homes & Gardens 4 pc Linen Blend Sheets (available in 4 colors): [show_lookbook_widget id=”410977″]

Better Homes & Gardens Fluffly Blanket (comes in several colors, I used Vanilla Dream):

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Better Homes & Gardens Velvet Euro Shams (available in 3 colors):

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Better Homes & Gardens Pillows:

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New farmhouse bedding - Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart

New bedding - striped duvet linen sheets and euro shams.


I have another question for you, when was the last time you bought new towels. If you’re wondering if it’s time, ask yourself two things:

  1. Have your towels lost their absorbency?
  2.  Do your towels have an odor?

If you answered yes to either of these, you might need to replace them. I had tried all the tips and tricks for reviving my towels but nothing worked. 

Replace towels - when they no longer absorb or they have an odor.

My bath linen closet was a mess. I am almost embarrassed to share it.

I decided to replace bath clothes, hand towels and bath towels. I found these sets at Walmart.com and they are perfect:


Better Homes & Gardens American Made Towel Collection – 6 Piece Set (lots of color choices), click photo to view more details:

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Towel closet before

What I did, simple steps:

  1. Remove everything
  2. Clean shelves
  3. Add new bath linens

empty towel storage


BHG towel closet update - fresh white towels and wire basket.

Wire Basket, click photos to view more details:

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It didn’t take much to refresh the bedroom and bath and it was so worth it. Both spaces look great and I didn’t break the budget. It’s a win-win for sure. 

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Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart

Black White Farmhouse Bedding - affordable ideas


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