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Chalkboard Kitchen Idea

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Chalkboards just got a lot easier for me, let me show you how I made this, Mama’s Kitchen chalkboard in just a few minutes.

Chalkboard Kitchen Idea

Chalkboard art for the kitchen! Mama will love it! Fast and easy. #chalkcouture #chalkboard #chalkart #kitchen

This is the April transfer of the month, called Mama’s kitchen.

I found a couple of chalkboards on sale at Walmart recently and this one just happens to be magnetic! Double bonus! I’ve included affiliate links to products used, just click on the product name. I am an independent designer for Chalk Couture, you can find the transfer and chalkology paste and more here: Chalk Coutured Shop

Here’s what I used to create this chalkboard:

  1. magnetic chalkboard
  2. Mama’s Kitchen Chalk Couture transfer
  3. White Chalkology paste.
  4. Magnets of your choice
  5. magnetic utility cup

Chalk Couture Mama's Kitchen transfer

The transfer has lots of options to mix and match. I decided to use the phrase Mama’s Kitchen, the spoon & spatula and the swirl.

Adding the utility cup is totally optional but you can use it hold anything including faux flowers.

magnetic cup for chalkboard

Chalkboard with Chalk Couture

See how I created the Mama’s Kitchen Chalkboard video:

How use a transfer for chalk paste

  • trim the transfer – with your choice of graphics
  • remove transfer backing and place on chalkboard
  • apply Chalkology paste to transfer
  • use a squeegee to drag paste across the transfer, making sure to cover screen print area of design
  • remove transfer and clean so you can use them again.

The transfers can be clean with water, lay them to dry with sticky side up. After they’ve dried place them back on the shiny side of the transfer backing paper. Take care to clean your transfers after each use and you will be able to use them at least a dozen times 🙂

Mama's kitchen chalkboard

Chalkboard for the kitchen

I love that Mama’s Kitchen transfer,  check out the links below!  A few of my friends are sharing how they used the same transfer:

Happy kitchen ideas, easy to make!

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Chalkboard idea with Chalk Couture Mamas Kitchen

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