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Clay Pots are not just for Planting

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The decorators are back! It’s time for our monthly posts filled with fun ideas for clay pots!

Clay Pots are Not Just for Planting
How to repurpose a clay pot

 I created serveware pieces with my clay pots.

First up:

Beverage Dispenser Stand

How to repurpose clay pots for serve-wareWe all have those cute beverage dispensers and some people (like me) have more than one! If you don’t have one, let me know…I may have one for you 😉

I came up with this cute garden party look with clay pots and saucers.  Choose a terracotta saucer that fits the base of your drink dispenser. Make sure that the clay pot has a large base, to handle the weight of your dispenser.

What you need to create a beverage dispenser stand:

  • 10″ Clay Saucer
  • 8″ Clay Pot
  • Spray paint of your choice
  • E6000 Glue

Spray paint each piece. I used three colors and randomly sprayed each piece. After they were dry, I used a sanding block and distressed each piece. Use the E6000 glue to secure each piece together.

Drink dispenser elevated with pretty clay pots

How to make a clay pot beverage server

Drink dispense on top of clay pots

Idea # 2

Clay Pot Cloche with a rope handle:

Garden party serve ware ideas for clay pots

These colorful pottery cloches are perfect for keeping the insects off your food until it’s time to serve!

Here’s what I used for this one:

  • 8″ Clay Pot
  • 10″ Clay Saucer
  • 6″ Clay Pot
  • Spray paint
  • E6000 glue
  • Rope

Spray paint your pieces – this is optional – you don’t have to paint it.  Glue the 10″ saucer to the 6″ pot. Cut a length of rope for the handle, tie a knot on one end. Thread the end without a knot through the drain hole from the bottom and then back through the top. Tie a knot in the second end. Test it to make sure the knot is large enough, so it doesn’t slip through.

Both of these were very inexpensive projects but they look great party!

Repurpose clay pots for summer serving pieces

Clay pot serving pieces


Clay pot cloche

Aquas and greens clay pot for picnic serve ware

Party on the deck with clay pot serving pieces

I love greens and blues. Keeping the same color palette through out my outdoor design makes everything look cohesive.

And beachy…

Ideas to repurpose clay pots in to serving pieces

How to make serve ware from clay pots


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    43 thoughts on “Clay Pots are not just for Planting”

    1. if I did, I’d do exactly what you have done. They are so fun and such a great pop of color against the white walls. And if you get bored, you can just rip it off and start over! Visiting from Redo It Yourself Inspiration party.

    2. I think your clay pot serving pieces are fabulous! I’ve got to make a drink station stand! Thanks for sharing your creative ideas! hugs!

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    4. Debbie, you are such a delight and inspiration! I smile each and every time I receive an email from you. Thank you for all that you do to encourage others!

    5. oh look at you. going to town with all those ideas. i actually have a broken beverage stand and never thought to use clay pot to hold it up. thank you for that!


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